Networthy ND 8

Author: Notre Dame Magazine staff

This Networthy installment links to a variety of blog posts, including one about a Mass for Declan Sullivan, a video of a speaker on the global marketplace and a new networking site for ND students.

Notre Dame junior Amy Holsinger writes movingly on her blog, Unsettled, about the memorial Mass for Declan Sullilvan, the ND student videographer who died October 27 when a wind gust toppled the platform from which he was filming football practice.

The recent hotly contested midterm elections may have been marked by an extraordinary number of negative political ads, but in his blog post, John Gaski, Notre Dame professor of marketing, argues that those negative ads actually have a positive effect.

A group of Notre Dame students have created a new online academic networking site, The Hub, to facilitate intellectual discussion on campus. The new website is composed of three main sections: Commons, in which users share personal experiences; Showcase, which features research, work and artwork; and Think Tank, a forum for discussion of local, national and international issues. While anyone may view material on the site, currently only ND faculty, staff and current students may post. Alumni will have posting privileges in the future.

The New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman was the featured speaker at The Notre Dame Forum’s signature event November 4 on the Global Marketplace and the Common Good. During his talk, the three-time Pulitzer Prize- winning author called on Americans to embrace long term sustainable values.