Photo of the Week: Coming soon

Author: Sarah Cahalan '14

Potwfallpreview Photo by Matt Cashore '94

Next week, the Autumn 2018 issue of Notre Dame Magazine will go live at this website and begin appearing in subscriber mailboxes across the country. The stories in this issue range from faculty research on clifftops in the American West to alumni at the top of their careers in diplomacy and the arts, but, for our latest Photo of the Week, we wanted to draw attention to one autumn article in particular. 


For the past four years, Geoffrey Keating '00M.A. (pictured) has been hard at work restoring a Holy Cross church in Colorado Springs. Keating has been a professional furniture maker for nearly a decade, but this was his first attempt to design and build accoutrements for a house of worship. The church reopened to the public this summer — featuring pews, doors, a tabernacle and more all made by Keating — and, shortly thereafter, University photographer Matt Cashore '94 paid a visit to document the changes. 


When the issue is released, you'll be able to see Cashore's photos and videos of the church alongside words by Geoffrey's wife, Anna Nussbaum Keating '07. Until then, you can enjoy this preview image and our 2011 profile of Keating and his journey from doctoral student to full-time woodworker. 


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