Photo of the Week: De-vine Intervention

Author: Grace McDermott

Mc Ivy Matt Cashore ’94

Though ivy-covered buildings give campus life a beautiful backdrop, the landscaping department has recently removed swaths of the creeping plant from the brick outside the Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering and the Snite Museum of Art.

University photographer Matt Cashore ’94 captured the image above of a crew at work on a Fitzpatrick wall across from the Eck Hall of Law.

“It’s been a tradition to have ivy for years,” says landscape crew leader Terron Phillips, Sr., “but it starts getting into the mortar and destroying the building.”

Phillips has been with campus landscaping for 26 years. He recalls the ivy covering numerous campus buildings, but Notre Dame landscapers have been gradually removing the greenery over the years when it starts to become a structural issue.

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