Photo of the Week: Going to the chapel

Author: Sarah Cahalan '14

Potwweddings Photo by OMG Photography/Kaity Fuja '09

Hear that? It's the sound of wedding bells — lots of them. Marriage is always in season at Notre Dame, but things really take off in June. The Basilica of the Sacred Heart fills with wedding after wedding on summer weekends, and Kaity Fuja ’09 is there to capture quite a few of them. 


The Mendoza grad didn't come to Notre Dame with plans to become a shutterbug, but, in her sophomore year, she signed up for a photography class to fulfill her fine arts credit. Much like you could say about the weddings she shoots, she fell in love . . . and the rest was history. Fuja founded her business, OMG Photography, in the spring of her senior year and has been photographing South Bend-area weddings ever since. She says ND weddings are among her favorites because of the common experiences she shares with the couples, pointing out, “The bench I walked by every day on my way to class may be the bench where they got engaged!”


The newlyweds shown here are Casey Morris and Sarah Graveline, 2014 grads who married in the basilica on Friday, June 22, at 3 p.m. Kaity didn’t tell me what time the happy couple tied the knot, but I was already aware — I was a guest at the ceremony just before theirs. And a ceremony the previous Saturday. And a bachelorette party two weeks before that. Now, a bridal shower this weekend. 


Ahh, wedding season.


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