Photo of the Week: Let it be

Author: Sarah Cahalan '14

Potwace Photo courtesy of the Alliance for Catholic Education

All summer long, we've highlighted groups and events (from weddings to summer camps) that define campus life between commencement weekend and freshman orientation. Another group that's livened up Notre Dame for the past quarter-century of summers is the teachers-in-training of the Alliance for Catholic Education. 


Over the course of the two-year service program, ACE teachers spend their school years in classroom placements across the country and their summers completing coursework for a Notre Dame M.Ed. "ACErs," as they're called, both live and work together, so much of their time on campus is devoted to bonding for the 35 geographic communities — ACE Philadelphia, ACE New Orleans, etc — they will live in during the academic year. 


The ACE staff snaps group photos of each of those communities, but some groups have a bit more fun with it than others. We like this Beatles-inspired shot taken last week of the Stockton, California, cohort, a new ACE community founded in 2017. The Fab Four may have coined the lyric "mother Mary comes to me," but did their iconic photo feature a golden-hued mother Mary herself? We didn't think so.


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