Photo of the Week: Editor's Pick

Author: Sarah Cahalan '14

Potwmandala Photo by Matt Cashore '94

PotwmandalaPhoto by Matt Cashore '94


One year ago this month, we published our very first Notre Dame Magazine Photo of the Week. To mark that anniversary, we've had three contributors to the series — editor Kerry Temple '74 and University photographers Matt Cashore '94 and Barbara Johnston — choose their favorite photos of the past calendar year. First up, our editor picks his favorite entry from our 50 "POTWs" thus far.


"Looking through a year's gallery of photos, I found this particular image to especially arresting," Temple says. "Perhaps it's the overhead perspective, perhaps the colors, perhaps the unusual subject matter and the sense of monks intensely at work, creating. But I think, too, it's because this scene reflects the intention of the Photo of the Week idea — a window into a single moment in the life of Notre Dame."


More on the Buddhist monks pictured in this image can be found here.


Stay tuned for Matt Cashore's Photo of the Year pick next week, and remember as always that you don't have to be on the magazine's payroll to submit a Photo of the Week. Reader photos are welcome any time, and we look forward to featuring even more of your submissions as our photo series enters its second year. 


Photo of the Week highlights images of notable happenings on campus and in the Notre Dame family around the world. Have a snapshot you think we should see? Email to be considered for publication.