Picks of the Week 2001–2007

Author: Carol Schaal '91M.A.


The Geography of God’s Mercy: Stories of Compassion and Forgiveness:, by Patrick Hannon, CSC, ’88M.Div.
The Wrong Stuff: The Extraordinary Saga of Randy “Duke” Cunningham, the Most Corrupt Congressman Ever Caught:, by Marcus Stern, Jerry Kammer ’71, Dean Calbreath, George E. Condon Jr.
Good Hearts: Catholic Sisters in Chicago’s Past, by Suellen Hoy, ND guest professor of history
The Widow’s Mate: A Father Dowling Mystery:, by Ralph McInerny, Notre Dame professor of philosophy
The Heart of a Saint: Ten Ways to Grow Closer to God:, by Bert Ghezzi ’69Ph.D.
My Hands Came Away Red, by Lisa McKay ’03M.A.
An Illuminated Life: Belle da Costa Greene’s Journey from Prejudice to Privilege:, by Heidi Ardizzone, who teaches history and American studies at Notre Dame
On the Ropes: A Duffy Dombrowski Mystery:, by Tom Schreck ’83
The Half-Truth High: Breaking the Illusions of the Most Powerful Drug in Life and Business, by Kevin J. Fleming ’94, ’96M.A., ’99Ph.D.
Cruel Choices, by Charles O’Brien ’51, ’52M.A.
Lebanon A to Z: A Middle Eastern Mosaic:, by Marijean Boueri (SMC ’82), Jill Boutros ’88, Joanne Sayad, illustrated by Tatiana Sabbagh
Celebrating Notre Dame, photography by Matt Cashore ’94, text by Kerry Temple ’74
Encyclopedia of Catholic Social Thought, Social Science, and Social Policy, by Michael L. Coulter, Stephen M. Krason, Richard S. Myers ’80J.D., and Joseph A. Varacalli
Elie Wiesel: Surviving the Holocaust, Speaking Out Against Genocide:, by Lisa Moore ’77
The Option for the Poor in Christian Theology, edited by Daniel G. Groody, ND assistant professor of theology
If Only They Listened To Us: What Women Voters Want Politicians To Hear:, by Melinda Henneberger ’80
Faith and the Historian: Catholic Perspectives:, edited by Nick Salvatore
Back Pain Understood: A Cutting Edge Approach To Healing Your Back:, by Brian Hainline, M.D., ’78
A Concise Guide to the Documents of Vatican II, by Edward P. Hahnenberg ’95, ’97M.A., ’02Ph.D.
Accelerate: 20 Practical Business Lessons to Boost Business Momentum:, by Dan Coughlin ’85
Ask the Bible Geek 2: More Answers to Questions from Catholic Teens:, by Mark Hart ’95
I Like Food, Food Tastes Good: In the Kitchen With Your Favorite Bands:, by Kara Zuaro ’01
Doing More With Life: Connecting Christian Higher Education to a Call to Service:, edited by Michael R. Miller ’88
Dizzy, by Stacy A. Nyikos ’90, illustrated by Kary Lee
American Catholics Today: New Realities of Their Faith and Their Church:, by William V. D’Antonio, James D. Davidson ’66M.A., ’69Ph.D., Dean R. Hoge, Mary L. Gautier
Dr. Eddie Anderson, Hall of Fame Football Coach: A Biography:, by Kevin Carroll
No Seat at the Table: How Corporate Governance and Law Keep Women Out of the Boardroom:, by Douglas M. Branson ’65
The Mass: Our Life’s Journey:, by Kenneth W. Peters ’50
Understanding Hedge Funds, Scott Frush ’99MBA
Everything Is Grace: The Life and Way of Therese of Lisieux:, by Joseph Schmidt ’65
Valentine: A Love Story:, by Chet Raymo ’58, ’64Ph.D.
Even If I Fall, CD by Reina G. Collins and Rob Barteletti ’71
Relentless Pursuit: A True Story of Family, Murder, and the Prosecutor Who Wouldn’t Quit:, by Kevin Flynn ’79
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, edited and introduced by Larry King, includes an essay by Ed Haug ’74
Journey to the East: The Jesuit Mission to China, 1579 to 1724:, by Liam Matthew Brockey ’94
Stigma, by Philip Hawley, Jr., ’74
A Poisoned Season, by Tasha Alexander (pen name of Tasha Gutting Tyska ’92)
A Cave of Candles: The Story Behind Notre Dame’s Grotto:, by Dorothy V. Corson
Numerology and Other Stories, by Christian Michener ’85
Jesus in the Gospels: Getting to Know Jesus as Presented by the Evangelists:, by John F. Fink ’53
A Light Will Rise in Darkness: Growing Up Black and Catholic in New Orleans, by Jo Anne Tardy
In Jefferson’s Shadow: The Architecture of Thomas R. Blackburn:, by Bryan Clark Green ’89
Fatal Carnival, Charles O’Brien 51, ’52M.A.
The Fulfillment of All Desire: A Guidebook for the Journey to God Based on the Wisdom of the Saints:, by Ralph Martin ’64
Every Play Every Day: My Life as a Notre Dame Walk-on:, by Timmy O’Neill ’02
Defining Dulcie:, by Paul Acampora ’85
A Monastic Vision for the 21st Century: Where Do We Go from Here?, edited by Patrick Hart, OCSO, ’66
Trust, by Charles Epping ’75
Wal-Smart: What It Really Takes to Profit in a Wal-Mart World, by William H. Marquard ’82
No Excuses: One Man’s Incredible Rise Through the NFL to Head Coach of Notre Dame:, by Charlie Weis ’78 and Vic Carucci


One More Gift to Give:, by John Shaughnessy ’77
The Truth Is Out There: Christian Faith and the Classics of TV Science Fiction:, by Thomas Bertonneau and Kim Paffenroth ’95Ph.D.
Fighting Irish Legends, Lists and Lore, by Karen Croake Heisler
How in the World Do We Make a Difference? Getting to the Heart and Soul of Love and Work?, by Norman Douglas, Lawrence Vuillemin ’70 and Stephan Hallam
In So Many Words: Arguments and Adventures:, by Robert Schmuhl ’70
Notre Dame Inspirations: The University’s Most Successful Alumni Talk About Life, Spirituality, Football—and Everything Else Under the Dome:, by Hannah (Storen) Storm ’83, edited by Sabrina Weill
No Yelling: The 9 Secrets of Marine Corps Leadership You Must Know to Win in Business:, by Wally Adamchik ’85
What You Hear in the Dark: New and Selected Poems:, by Sonia Gernes, ND professor emerita of English
Shelby, by Stacy A. Nyikos ’90, illustrated by Shawn N. Sisneros
Home Ground: Language for an American Landscape:, edited by Barry Lopez ’66, ’68M.A.; managing editor Debra Gwartney; illustrations by Molly O’Halloran ’90
Blessed Are the Bored in Spirit: A Young Catholic’s Search for Meaning:, by Mark Hart ’95
Death of A Writer: A Novel:, by Michael Collins ’87, ’91M.A.
Dr. Buynak’s 1-2-3 Diabetes Diet, by Robert J. Buynak, M.D., ’91, with Gregory L. Guthrie
A Vision Quest, by John S. Dunne, CSC, ’51
The Teachings of Pope John Paul II: Summaries of Papal Documents:, by John E. Fagan ’71
Please Stay on the Trail: A Collection of Colorado Fiction:, compiled and edited by Matt Hudson ’00
The Imperfect Mom: Candid Confessions of Mothers Living in the Real World:, edited by Therese J. Borchard ’94M.A.
The Grail, by Brian Doyle ’78
Field Day Review, journal edited by Seamus Deane and Breandan Mac Suibhne, both of the Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies at Notre Dame.
Great with Child: Letters to a Young Mother:, by Beth Ann Fennelly ’93
Paper Tiger: An Obsessed Golfer’s Quest to Play with the Pros:, by Tom Coyne ’97, ’99MFA
Where Did I Come From? Where Am I Going? How Do I Get There? Straight Answers for Young Catholics, by Charles E. Rice and Theresa Farnan ’89, ’91M.A., ’98Ph.D.
Wolf Boy, by Evan Kuhlman ’04MFA, illustrated by Brendon and Brian Fraim
The Bear Hug, by Sean Callahan ’87, illustrated by Laura J. Bryant
Whiteman, by Tony D’Souza ’00MFA
Encyclopedia of American Gospel Music, edited by W.K. McNeil
Stories of Notre Dame: A Unique Look at Our Lady’s Campus:, Pentavision Communications
Finding God Today: One Catholic’s Way:, by E. Springs Steele ’72, ’78M.A., ’81Ph.D.
The Chicken Soup Game, by Paul Kostolansky ’89, illustrated by Greg Broyles
The Color of Law: A Novel, by Mark Giminez 80J.D.
On Having a Heart Attack: A Medical Memoir:, by William O’Rourke, ND professor of English
I Alone Have Escaped To Tell You: My Life and Pastimes:, by Ralph McInerny, ND professor of philosophy
The Right to Be Wrong: Ending the Culture War Over Religion in America:, by Kevin Seamus Hasson ’79, ’82M.A., ’85J.D.
Aligned Thinking: Make Every Move Count:, by Jim Steffen ’66
Welcome to Somerville, CD by Michael Somerville ’94
Mother Teresa’s Prescription: Finding Happiness and Peace in Service:, by Paul A. Wright, M.D. ’72
Between You and Me: A Memoir:, by Mike Wallace and Gary Paul Gates ’57
Innovative Approaches to Undergraduate Mathematics Courses Beyond Calculus, edited by Richard J.Maher ’65
Guadalupe and Her Faithful: Latino Catholics in San Antonio, from Colonial Origins to the Present:, by Timothy Matovina
The Phantom Letters: Motivation at Notre Dame in the Pareseghian Era:, by Tom Pagna
Touchdown Jesus: Faith and Fandom at Notre Dame:, by Scott Eden ’97
Jacques and Raïssa Maritain: Beggars for Heaven, by Jean-Luc Barré, translated by Bernard E. Doering
Jeannette Rankin: A Political Woman:, by James J. Lopach ’67M.A., ’68M.A., ’73Ph.D.
The Power of Less: Essays on Poetry and Public Speech:, by Samuel Hazo ’49
Captain John Smith: Jamestown and the Birth of the American Dream, by Dorothy Hoobler and Thomas Hoobler ’64
Running into the Arms of God: Stories of Prayer, Prayer as Story:, by Patrick Hannon, CSC, ’88M.Div.
The CIA and Congress: The Untold Story from Truman to Kennedy:, by David M. Barrett ’73,’90Ph.D.
What Would Satan Do?
Cartoons about right, wrong, and very, very wrong
:, by Pat Byrnes ’81
How the Other Half Worships, by Camilo Jose Vergara ’68
Echoes of Notre Dame Football: The Greatest Stories Ever Told: edited by John Heisler
Opposite Schmopposite: Opposites Attract but Complements Last:, by Paul Moses ’94J.D., and EmilyAnn Moses


Midnight Clear, CD-by-Joe-Curry,-an-MBA-graduate-student-at-Notre-Dame
Lance Armstrong’s War, by Daniel Coyle ’87
The Church and Galileo
Notre Dame: Where Have You Gone?:, by Eric Hansen
Monk’s Notre Dame, by Rev. Edward A. Malloy, CSC, ’63, ’67M.A., ’69M.A.
Celebrate America: A Collection of 35 Patriotic Songs:, CD by The O’Neill Brothers (Tim ’94 and Ryan ’97)
The Turquoise Ring, by Grace Tiffany ’85M.A., ’89Ph.D.
A Time for Heroes: Business Leaders, Politicians and Other Notables Explore the Nature of Heroism:, by Robert L. Dilenschneider ’65
And Only To Deceive
The Spirit of Notre Dame: Legends, Traditions, and Inspirations from One of America’s Most Beloved Institutions:, by Jim Langford ’59 and Jeremy Langford ’92
Pure Ducky Goodness: The First Sheldon Collection:, by David Kellett ’96
Panis Angelicus, CD by Father Chuck Witschorik, CSC, ’99, ’03M.Div.
Delaying the Real World: A Twentysomething’s Guide to Seeking Adventure:, by Colleen Kinder
John Paul II in the Holy Land: In His Own Words:, edited by Lawrence Boadt, CSP, and Kevin di Camillo ’95M.A.
Give In, CD by Anne Heaton ’94
In Darkness, Death, by Dorothy Hoobler and Thomas Hoobler ’64
Close Your Eyes, CD by Josephine Cameron ’00MFA
Essentials of Strategic Project Management, by Kevin Callahan ’05MBA and Lynne Brooks
Corporate Catalysts: How to Make Your Company More Successful, Whatever Your Title, Income, or Authority:, by Dan Coughlin ’85
Brand New Day, CD by Emily Lord ’96
A Brief History of Saints, by Lawrence S. Cunningham, ND professor of theology
Superheroes and Philosophy: Truth, Justice, and the Socratic Way:, edited by Tom Morris and Matt Morris
Back to Earth: A Backpacker’s Journey into Self and Soul:, by Kerry Temple ’74
Squirt, by Stacy Nyikos ’90, illustrated by Shawn Sisneros
Life on the Tenure Track: Lessons from the First Year:, by James Lang ’91
Conversations with Audre Lorde, edited by Joan Wylie Hall ’70M.A., ’76Ph.D.
Tough Choices: Bringing Moral Issues Home:, by Sean Lynch ’98, ’00M.Ed., and Brian O’Brien ’00M.Ed.
The Biblical Truth about America’s Death Penalty, by Dale S. Recinella ’76J.D.
Shipshewana: An Indiana Amish Community:, by Dorothy O. Pratt ’95M.A., ’97Ph.D.
Runaway Eating: The 8-Point Plan To Conquer Adult Food and Weight Obsessions:, by Cynthia M. Bulik ’81 and Nadine Taylor
Faith and Fortune: The Quiet Revolution to Reform American Business:, by Marc Gunther
Commander of All Lincoln’s Armies: A Life of General Henry W. Halleck:, John F. Marszalek ’63M.A., ’68Ph.D.
The Four Winners: The Head, The Hands, The Foot, The Ball, Knute Rockne:, Class of 1914
How to Save for College
Cast of Shadows, Kevin Guilfoile ’90
The Encyclopedia of African American Military History
Wonderfall, CD by Wonderfall (with Dave Bregande ’95, John Fletcher ’92 and Joe Bregande)
Hot Lights, Cold Steel: Life, Death and Sleepless Nights in a Surgeon’s First Years:, by Michael J. Collins, M.D., ’71
A Prayer Book of Catholic Devotions, by William G. Storey ’54M.A., ’59Ph.D.
What It Means To Be Fighting Irish: Ara Parseghian and Notre Dame’s Greatest Players:, edited by Tim Prister ’82
Pilgrimage: Exploring a Great Spiritual Practice:, by Edward C. Sellner ’78M.A., ’81Ph.D.
Rogers Hornsby: a Biography, by Jonathan D’Amore
What You Need to Know About the Economics of Growing Old, by Teresa Ghilarducci, Notre Dame associate professor of economics
New Selected Poems, by John Matthias, Notre Dame professor of English
Secretary Waltz, CD by Joanie Mendenhall ’00
The Fixers: Eddie Mannix, Howard Strickling and the MGM Publicity Machine:, by E.J. Fleming ’81MBA
Monk’s Travels: People, Places and Events:, by Rev. Edward A. Malloy, CSC, ’63, ’67M.A., ’69M.A.
Diamond Presence: Twelve Stories of Finding God at the Old Ball Park:, edited by Gregory F. Augustine Pierce
Lost Souls, by Michael Collins ’87, ’91M.A.
The Best Catholic Writing 2004, edited by Brian Doyle ’78
I Play for Notre Dame, by Ted Mandell ’86


The Tallest Tower: Eiffel and the Belle Epoque:, by Joseph Harriss ’58
Natural Enemies: Major College Football’s Oldest, Fiercest Rivalry—Michigan vs. Notre Dame:, by John Kryk
Notre Dame Golden Moments: 20 Memorable Events That Shaped Notre Dame Football:, by John Walters ’88
Resistance, by Barry Lopez ’66, ’68M.A.
The School of Dying Graces, by Dr. Richard Felix ’74Ph.D. with Rob Wilkins
Notre Dame vs. The Klan: How the Fighting Irish Defeated the Ku Klux Klan:, by Todd Tucker ’90
Brothers in Arms: The Epic Story of the 761st Tank Battalion, WWII’s Forgotten Heroes:, by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Anthony Walton ’82
A Sinner of Memory, by Melita Schaum ’78, ’84PH.D.
Digger Phelp’s Tales from the Notre Dame Hardwood, by Phelps and Tim Bourret ’77, ’78MCA
American Catholics, American Culture: Tradition and Resistance:, edited by Margaret O’Brien Steinfels
Limbo, by Sean Keith Henry ’96MFA
Shadows of War: Violence, Power, and International Profiteering in the Twenty-First Century:, by Carolyn Nordstrom, ND associate professor of anthropology
Never a City So Real: A Walk in Chicago:, by Alex Kotlowitz, ND visiting professor of American studies
Integrity Matters, by James F. Bracher and Daniel E. Halloran ’61
Will: A Novel:, by Grace Tiffany ’85M.A., ’89Ph,.D.
Learning Sickness: A Year with Crohn’s Disease:, by James M. Lang ’91
Optimal Investing: How to Protect and Grow Your Wealth with Asset Allocation:, by Scott P. Frush ’99MBA
I Love Being a Mom: Treasured Stories, Memories, and Milestones:, Therese J. Borchard ’94
Keep the Faith, Change the Church, by James E. Muller ’65 and Charles Kenney
Tender Hooks: Poems:, Beth Ann Fennelly ’93
Three Weeks with My Brother, by Nicholas Sparks ’88 and Micah Sparks
The Risk Involved, CD by Mary Sue Twohy ’91
Your Own Mysteries: Praying Your Life Through the Rosary:, by Philip Armstrong, CSC
Stories of the Celtic Soul Friends: Their Meaning for Today:, by Edward C. Sellner ’78M.A., ’81Ph.D.
A God of Incredible Surprises: Jesus of Galilee:, by Virgilio P. Elizondo, Notre Dame visiting professor of theology
Jonathan Edwards: A Life:, by George M. Marsden, Notre Dame professor of history
Pan America’s Pacific Pioneers: The Rest of the Story:, by Jon F. Krupnick ’65J.D.
Who Do You Say That I Am? Confessing the Mystery of Christ?, edited by John Cavadini, ND professor of theology, and Laura Holt ’92 M.A.
Vitruvius on Architecture, by Thomas Gordon Smith, ND professor of architecture
The Sword of the Lord: Military Chaplains from the First to the Twenty-First Century:, edited by Doris L. Bergin
The Sign of the Cross: Recovering the Power of the Ancient Prayer:, by Bert Ghezzi ’69Ph.D.
The Light of Conscience: How a Simple Act Can Change Your Life:, by Bill Shore
The Frantic Woman’s Guide to Life: A Year’s Worth of Hints, Tips, and Tricks:, by Mary Jo Rulnick and Judith Burnett Schneider ’80M.S.
For the Love of Teaching, by George Howard, ND professor of psychology
Getting a Life: How to Find Your True Vocation:, by Renee M. LaReau ’99, ’00M.Div.
The Stone Puppet, CD by The Stone Puppet
The Greatest Basketball Story Ever Told: The Milan Miracle 50th Anniversary Edition:, by Greg Guffey ’91
Sacred Passages: Bringing the Sacraments to Life:, by Bert Ghezzi ’69Ph.D.
Every Night When the Sun Goes In, CD by Josephine Cameron ’00 MFA
Leaping: Revelations and Epiphanies:, by Brian Doyle ’78
Healing Richard Nixon: A Doctor’s Memoir:, by John C. Lungren, M.D., ’38 and John C. Lungren Jr. ’66
Listen with the Heart: Sacred Moments in Everyday Life, by Joan Chittister, OSB, ’68M.A.
Courting Success: Muffet McGraw’s Formula for Winning—in Sports and in Life:, by Muffet McGraw with Paul Gulliflor
Carmen’s Rust, by Ana Maria del Rio, translated by Michael J. Lazzarra ’97
The Very Rich Hours of Jacques Maritain: A Spiritual Life:, by Ralph McInerny
Lee at Chattanooga: A Novel of What Might Have Been, by Dennis McIntire ’75


Where the Birds Never Sing: The True Story of the 92nd Signal Battalion and the Liberation of Dachau:, by Jack Sacco ’78
Merry Christmas, CD by the Notre Dame Band
Mr. Excel on Excel, by Bill Jelen ’87 and Joseph Rubin
Timeless Cities: An Architect’s Reflections on Renaissance Italy:, by David Mayernik ’83
Last Things: A Father Dowling Mystery:, by Ralph McInerny
The Intellectual Appeal of Catholicism and the Idea of a Catholic University, by Mark W. Roche
My Father Had a Daughter: Judith Shakespeare’s Tale:, by Grace Tiffany ’85M.A., ’89Ph.D.
The Exceptional Presenter, by Timothy J. Koegel ’82
Pacific Alamo: The Battle for Wake Island:, by John Wukovits ’67
Gettysburg: You are There:, by Robert Clasby ’83
Walking with God in a Fragile World, edited by James Langford ’59 and Leroy S. Rouner
Here Come the Irish of Notre Dame, CD produced by the O’Neill Brothers (1994 graduate Tim and 1997 grad Ryan)
Give Success! by Richard E. Lochner ’61
Chalk Dust: A Teacher’s Marks:, by David Ellison ’81
Moral Memoranda from John Howard Yoder, by Thomas L. Shaffer
A Theologian’s Journey, by Thomas F. O’Meara, O.P.
The Lord’s Prayer: A Survey Theological and Literary:, by Nicholas Ayo, CSC.
Exploring Lewis and Clark: Reflections on Men and Wilderness:, by Thomas P. Slaughter
Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven: 6 Steps to Organizational Excellence:, by Patrick J. McDonnell ’65
Letters Between a Catholic and an Evangelical, by Father John R. Waiss ’79 and James G. McCarthy
Vatican II: Forty Personal Stories:, edited by William Madges and MichaelJ. Daley
Go Forth and Do Good: Memorable Notre Dame Commencement Addresses:, edited by Wilson D. Miscamble, CSC, ’77M.A., 80Ph.D., ’87M.Div.
Love and Other Recreational Sports, by John Dearie ’86
The House with a Clock in Its Walls, by John Bellairs ’59
Television Talk: A History of the TV Talk Show, by Bernard M. Timberg and Robert Erler ’60
The Powers of Heaven and Earth: New and Selected Poems:, by John Frederick Nims ‘37, ’39M.A.
Language, Religion, Knowledge: Past and Present, by James Turner
Thomas Struth: 1977-2002:, by Douglas Eklund, Ann Goldstein, Charles Wylie ’84, Maria Morris Hambourg
Philadelpha Murals and the Stories They Tell, by Jane Golden, Robin Rice and Monica Yant Kinney’93
Cosmatesque Ornament, by Paloma Pajares Ayuela
Celt and Pepper: A Mystery Set at the University of Notre Dame:, by Ralph McInerny
Granta: The First Twenty-One Years, edited by Ian Jack
Condi: The Condoleezza Rice Story:, by Antonia Felix
Stories of Beginning Teachers: First-Year Challenges and Beyond:, edited by Alysia A Roehrig ’00M.A., Michael Pressley and Denise A. Talotta ’90, ’00M.A.
Heart of Oak, by James P. McGaune ’64
Red Poppies, by Alia, translated by ND professors Howard Goldblatt and Sylvia Li-chun Lin.
… Ask What You Can Do For Your Country, by Dan B. Fleming Jr.
The Men of March: A Season Inside the Lives of College Basketball Coaches:, by Brian Curtis
A Gift of Light: Photographs in the Janos Scholz Collection:, edited by Stephen Roger Moriarty ’69, ’80M.A., with Morna O’Neill ’98
The Lone Man’s Path, music CD by David James ’70
The Road of the Heart’s Desire, by John S. Dunne, CSC
World War II on the Web, by J. Douglas Smith and Richard Jensen ’62
Unexpected Chicagoland, by Camilio Jose Vergara ’68 and Timothy Samuelson.
Border of Death, Valley of Life, by Daniel G. Groody, CSC, ’86
Shake Down the Thunder: The Creation of Notre Dame Football:, by Murray Sperber
Making Your Way After Your Parents’ Divorce, by Lynn Cassella ’85
In Search of an American Catholicism, by Jay Dolan, Notre Dame emeritus professor of history
Dibs, trivia game designed Bill Tolany ’92


Christmas Presence, edited by Gregory F. Augustine Pierce
Don’t Get Duped: A Consumer’s Guide to Health and Fitness, by Larry Forness ’68.
Mute Witness and Black Gold, by Charles O’Brien ’51,’52M.A.
Prodigal Father: A Father Dowling Mystery, by Ralph McInerny, Notre Dame professor of philosophy
A Weekend at Blenheim, by J.P.Morrissey ’80
A Teen’s Game Plan For Life, by Lou Holtz
The Table, by Matthew Waynee ’95
Linked: The New Science of Networks, by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, ND professor of physics
Mr. Notre Dame: The Life and Legend of Edward “Moose” Krause, by Jason Kelly ’95
Best American Essays 2002, edited by Stephen Jay Gould
Earth’s Echo: Sacred Encounters with Nature:, Robert M. Hamma ’83M.A.
Listening in the Silence, Seeing in the Dark: Reconstructing Life After Brain Injury:, Ruth Knechel Johansen
Loyalty-Based Selling: The Magic Formula for Becoming the #1 Sales Rep, Tim Smith ’87
Portraits of Great American Scientists, with a chapter on Sally Ride by ND sophomore Erica Ruddy
Open House, Beth Ann Fennelly ’93
We Were in the Big One: Experiences of the World War II Generation:, edited by Mark P. Parillo ’78
Women of Okinawa: Nine Voices from a Garrison Island:, Ruth Ann Keyso ’91
The Celtic Soul Friend: A Trusted Guide for Today:, Edward G. Sellner ’78M.A.
Judas: Images of the Lost Disciple:, by Kim Paffenroth ’95Ph.D.
Thomas Gordon Smith: The Rebirth of Classical Architecture:, by Richard John
Deliver Us from Evil, by Peter T.King ’68J.D.
Deadline, Marvel Comics miniseries, by Bill Rosemann ’93 BA, illustrations by Guy Davis.
Places Left Unfinished at the Time of Creation, by John Phillip Santos ’79
An Intimate Look at the Night Sky, by Chet Raymo
Pilgrim: A Spirituality of Travel:, by Leonard J. Biallas ’61
King Football: Sport and Spectacle in the Golden Age of Radio and Newsreels, Movies and Magazines, the Weekly and the Daily Press:, by Michael Oriard ’70
Lost Virginia: Vanished Architecture of the Old Dominion:, by Bryan Clark Green ’89, Calder Loth and William M.S. Rasmussen.
Signs of Grace: Meditations on the Notre Dame Campus, by Father Nicholas Ayo, CSC, ’56
Our Elders Teach Us: Maya-Kaqchikel Historical Perspectives, David Carey Jr. ’90
The Fighting Irish on the Air: The History of Notre Dame Football Broadcasting, by Paul F. Gullifor
Space: The Next Business Frontier, by Lou Dobbs and H.P. Newquist ’80
Sowing Justice, Reaping Peace: Case Studies of Racial, Religious and Ethnic Healing Around the World, by Michael Duffey ’70, ’81Ph.D.
How to Become a Millionaire in Your Current Job: Choose Wisely with 401(k) and IRA, J.B. Davis ’67
Mystics and Miracles: True Stories of Lives Touched by God, by Bert Ghezz i’69Ph.D.
Nice Girls Finish First: The Remarkable Story of Notre Dame’s Rise to the Top of Women’s College Basketball, by Mark Bradford
Private Eye, by Wendy Morton ’63
Sheldon comic strip, by David Kellett ’96
Catch and Keep, by Ronald Weber, emeritus professor of English
Cons, Scams and Grifts, by Joe Gores ’53
The Quotable Rockne, by John Heisler, ND associate athletic director
The God Instinct: Heeding Your Heart’s Unrest:, by Tom Stella, CSC, ’67, ’70M.A.
Emerald Aisle, by Ralph McInerny
The Warning Solution: Intelligent Analysis in the Age of Information Overload:, by Kristan J. Wheaton ’80
Edward Sorin, by Marvin R. O’Connell
Wallace Stevens and the Seasons, by George S.Lensing ’62
Speaking with Authority: Catherine of Siena and the Voices of Women Today:, by Mary Catherine Hilkert, O.P


Royko: A Life in Print:, by F. Richard Ciccone ’61
Lives of the Saints: From Mary and St. Francis of Assisi to John XXIII and Mother Teresa:, by Richard P. McBrien
Love on Trial: An American Scandal in Black and White, Heidi Ardizzone and Earl Lewis
The Keepers of Truth, Michael Collins ’87, ’91M.A.
No Great Mischief, Alistair MacLeod ’68Ph.D.
A Cloud of Witnesses: Readings in the History of Western Christianity:, edited by Joel Harrington ’81
Wisdom, My Road, CD, compositions by Steven C. Warner ’80M.A. and Chrysogonus Waddell, OCSO.
Champions of Faith: Catholic Sports Heroes Tell Their Stories:
Are You Smart, Or What? A Bizarre Book of Games and Fun for Everyone
Talking with Harry: Candid Conversations with President Harry S. Truman:
America’s National Scenic Trails
Triple Pursuit: A Father Dowling Mystery
Dale Earnhardt: The Final Racing Record:
A Gentleman’s Game
Chance at Love
Humanity at the Limit: The Impact of the Holocuast Experience on Jews and Christians:
The Myth of More: and Other Lifetraps that Sabotage the Happiness You Deserve:
The Friendship of Women: A Spiritual Tradition:
Bus Stop, CD
Movie Awards: The Ultimate, Unofficial Guide to the Oscar Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Critics and Guild Honors
The Dons and Mr. Dickens: The Strange Case of the Oxford Christmas Plot:
RearView Mirror, CD-
The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible
Filling the Glass: The Skeptic’s Guide to Positive Thinking in Business:
The Caboose Is Loose, CD
Men of Spirit Men of Sports
Umphrey’s McGee, CDs
Reading the Gospel
Heart Stoppers and Hail Marys: 100 of the Greatest College Football Finishes:
Notre Dame Folk Choir, CDs-
Learning to Live
Memories of Grace
A Notre Dame Experience, CD
The Dead Philosopher’s Cafe: An Exchange of Letters for Children and Adults:
Training Butterflies, CD-
Yahoo! The Ultimate Desk Reference Guide to the Web
Kerouac, the Word and the Way
Clan apis