Sample Trivia Questions

Author: Shayne Bushfield '94

Along with being titled after the first names of their female main characters, the television series FloGloriaTabithaDariaPhyllisRhodaMaude, and Kendra all share, most prominently, what other particular distinction? 1956’s The Adventures of Champion is, arguably, the first series to hold the distinction in question.

A memorial service for victims of the 1960 explosion of the French freighter La Coubre in the harbor of Havana, Cuba, has been recorded (and duplicated) for posterity thanks to a photograph taken there of what man?

What major Pacific coast city developed around the massive natural harbor known as Port Jackson?

Although he had a long and successful career in popular music — both solo and with his wife Mary Ford — what guitarist has a greater legacy as a pioneer of the solid-body electric guitar, studio multitracking, electronic echo, and other modern recording techniques?

What is the term, derived from the Spanish for "rogue," for a type of literary narrative, usually comic or satirical, that depicts the escapades of a single, likeable, roguish hero living by his (or her, but more often his) wits? English examples include Huckleberry Finn, A Confederacy of Dunces, and Moll Flanders, while the progenitor is widely considered to be the 1554 novella Lazarillo de Tormes.

Vesta is the brightest (from the Earth's perspective) and Ceres — at least until its formal reclassification in 2006 — was the largest of the celestial bodies that are known as what?



Answers: spinoffs; Che Guevara; Sydney, Australia; Les Paul; picaresque; asteroids