Seven Tenets for Campus Planning

Author: Daniel LeDuc '83

Fifteen years ago, Notre Dame developed a campus plan that declared seven tenets for the University’s growth and development. They continue to guide decisions today:


Leduc Mc 8Photo by Matt Cashore

1. Catholic Heritage and Sacramental Vision: Notre Dame is a place of prayer as well as study, of spiritual formation as well as intellectual growth, and this dimension of its life should resonate in its natural and man-made environment.


2. The Campus as Home and Academy: Notre Dame is a locus of learning and of living, a global teaching and research university with a vital residential dimension. Campus development should nurture world-class research and scholarship while enriching a sense of community.


3. Stewardship of the Natural Environment: The Notre Dame campus is blessed with abundant natural beauty and its pastoral atmosphere must be preserved and protected.


4. Stewardship of the Built Environment and Architectural Forms, Styles and Materials: Notre Dame has an architectural heritage that calls for enlightened and sensitive stewardship.


5. Axes, Focal Points, Quadrangles and Other Exterior Spaces: The organization of Notre Dame’s exterior space by means of axes, focal points and quadrangles should always serve as the structure for future growth of the campus.


6. The Ceremonial Focus of Notre Dame Avenue and Other Approaches to Campus: Notre Dame should have an enhanced ceremonial main entrance and elegant secondary approaches to campus.


7. Separation of Pedestrian and Vehicular Traffic: From its founding, Notre Dame has been a haven for the pedestrian and should take proactive steps to remain so.