The aftermath: Haitian photo gallery

Author: Daniel J. Towle '77


Dr. Daniel J. Towle, a 1977 graduate of Notre Dame, was among the first response medical team arriving in Haiti. The team was stationed in Leogane, the headquarters of the Notre Dame Haiti project.

“Leogane was the epicenter and is 95 percent leveled,” he wrote in an email. “Our three ‘operating rooms’ set up in the nursing school dormitory rooms saw more than 350 patients a day and did 120 surgeries, providing what was reported to be the best care in the entire region of over 200,000, plus those in the mountains brought down to us.” The child pictured on the right suffered a large head laceration, which was surgically repaired.

Dr. Towle, who has returned to the United States, shares photos from his visit. Other doctors are constantly being rotated in and out of the area.