The Campus Seen

Author: Matt Cashore '94

Matt Cashore ’94 has been photographing Notre Dame for 20 years. Anyone familiar with this magazine knows his work. His photos have graced our pages and brought the beauty of this campus into our readers’ homes long before he became University photographer a few years ago. Matt’s striking images have greatly enhanced stories this magazine has done from Ireland, Haiti, Cuba, Lesotho and Katrina-ravaged New Orleans, and he has photographed University endeavors in Uganda, India, Israel, South Africa and the Philippines.

His campus shots show the same dedication and keen eye as those images taken from more exotic, more dramatic locales and situations. His ability to maintain that fresh hand at an institution whose life he has been chronicling for so long is remarkable. His innate curiosity and campus excursions have taken him to remote corners and lofty heights. His creativity has enabled him to extract artistically framed images from the places the rest of us walk past daily without really noticing.

In 2003, Matt shot “Unseen Notre Dame” as a photo essay for us, capturing images from the nooks and crannies of places most of us never gain access to. This photo essay is a modified reprise of that, a collection of photos that present campus more as Matt sees it and whose artistry helps the rest of us see things as we haven’t seen them before.