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Author: Notre Dame Magazine

Notre Dame Law School has long been thought of as a national leader in terms of the percentage of its alumni serving as judges or magistrates. At last count, 31 federal and 144 state and local court judges held a law or other degree from Notre Dame.

This following is a list of Law School and other University of Notre Dame graduates known to be serving as judges or magistrates as of March 2002.

Class years appearing without degrees refer to undergraduate degrees.

The list excludes judges with only honorary degrees from Notre Dame.


Paul V. Niemeyer ‘66J.D. U.S. Court of Appeals, 4th Circuit
Emilio Garza ’69, ’70M.A. U.S. Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit
Daniel A. Manion ’64 U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit
Ann Claire Williams ’75J.D, ’97Hon. U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit
Edward Leavy ’53J.D. U.S. Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit
Paul J. Kelly Jr. ’63 U.S. Court of Appeals, 10th Circuit
Charles R. Wilson ’76, ’79J.D. U.S. Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit
Col. Steve Pecinovsky ’77 U.S. Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals
Dennis Montali ’61 U.S. Bankruptcy, Northern California
John J. Hargrove ’64, ’67J.D. U.S. Bankruptcy, Southern California
Frederick J. Martone ’72J.D. U.S. District, Arizona
Federico Moreno ’74 U.S. District, Southern Florida
William J. Zloch ’66, ’74J.D. U.S. District, Southern Florida
Robert K. Rodibaugh ’39, ’41J.D. U.S. Bankruptcy, Northern Indiana
Theresa L. Springmann ’80J.D. U.S. District, Northern Indiana
Brian B. Duff ’52 U.S. District, Northern Illinois
Matthew F. Kennelly ’78 U.S. District, Northern Illinois
Harry D. Leinenweber ’59 U.S. District, Northern Illinois
Joseph M. Scott Jr. ’68 U.S. Bankruptcy, Eastern Kentucky
John Corbett O’Meara ’55 U.S. District, Eastern Michigan
Steven D. Pepe ’65 U.S. District, Eastern Michigan
Laurence E. Howard ’58, ’61J.D. U.S. Bankruptcy, Western Michigan
John J. Connelly ’53J.D. U.S. Bankruptcy, Minnesota
Robert J. Kressel ’69 U.S. Bankruptcy, Minnesota
Thomas M. Shanahan ’56 U.S. District, Nebraska
Gregg W. Zive ’73J.D. U.S. Bankruptcy, Nevada
Martha Vazquez ’75, ’79J.D. U.S. District, New Mexico
David G. Larimer ’69J.D. U.S. District, Western New York
William H. Baughman ’74J.D. U.S. District, Northern Ohio
Patricia A. Gaughan SMC ’75, ’78J.D. U.S. District, Northern Ohio
Joseph P. Kinneary ’28 U.S. District, Southern Ohio
Thomas M. Twardowski ’62 U.S. Bankruptcy, Eastern Pennsylvania

State and Local
Judge/ Court
Thomas A. Zlaket ‘62 Arizona Supreme
Rudolph J. Gerber ’71J.D. Arizona Appeals, Division 1
Thomas W. O’Toole ‘60 Maricopa County (Arizona) Superior
Michael J. Brown ’55 Pima County (Arizona) Superior
John S. Leonard ’69 Arizona Superior, Pima County
Timothy A. Reardon ’63 California Appeals, 1st District
Patrick J. Riley ’53 El Dorado County (California) Superior
Stephen J. Kane ’74 Fresno County (California) Superior
Richard Byrne ’58 Los Angeles County (California) Superior.
John H. Leahy ’59, ’64J.D. Los Angeles County Superior
Barbara Scheper ’85J.D. Los Angeles County Superior
Gerard S. Brown ’76J.D./MBA San Bernadino County (California) Superior
Janis Sammartino ’75J.D. San Diego County (California) Superior
Joseph H. Huber ’64 Santa Clara County (California) Superior
Brian Walsh ’9 Santa Clara County County Superior
Donald G. Umhofer ’66 St. Luis Obispo (California) Municipal
Stephen J. Schapanski ’71 Colorado 8th Judicial District
David A. Bottger ’76J.D. Colorado 21st Judicial District
James E. Denvir ’69 Archuleta County (Colorado)
G. Sarsfield Ford ’55 Fairfield County (Connecticut) Superior
David R. Tobin ’64 Greenwich (Connecticut) Probate
W.C. Bradley Jr. ’59 Delaware Court of Common Pleas
Michael W. Farrell ’60 District of Columbia Court of Appeals
John W. Dell ’62J.D. Florida Appeals, 4th District
Timothy P. McCarthy ’71J.D. Florida 15th Judicial Circuit
Philip F. Etheridge ’64 Georgia Superior, Atlanta Circuit
Thomas J. Ryan ’75 Idaho 3rd Judicial District
Robert R. Thomas ’74 Illinois Supreme
Sheila M. O’Brien ‘77, ’80J.D. Illinois Appeals, 1st District
Kathleen M. Alling ’76J.D. Illinois 2nd Judicial Circuit
Thomas P. Carmody ’57J.D. Illinois 7th Judicial Circuit
Donald C. Courson ’67 Illinois 10th Judicial Circuit
Thomas G. Ebel ’70J.D. Illinois 10th Judicial Circuit
Richard E. Grawey ’70 Illinois 10th Judicial Circuit
Robert E. Manning ’60J.D. Illinois 10th Judicial Circuit
John O’Shea ‘64, ’65J.D. Illinois 14th Judicial Circuit
Timothy J. Slavin ’73 Illinois 14th Judicial Circuit
David T. Fritts ’70 Illinois 15th Judicial Circuit
Peter J. Dockery ’72 Illinois 18th Judicial Circuit
Michael J. Sullivan ’66J.D. Illinois 19th Judicial Circuit
Ellen A. Dauber ’82 Illinois 20th Judicial Circuit
Stephen M. Kernan ’69 Illinois 20th Judicial Circuit
Walter B. Bieschke ’50, ’51J.D. Cook County (Illinois) Judicial Circuit
James D. Egan ’72 Cook County (Illinois) Judicial Circuit
Edwin A. Gausselin ’59 Cook County (Illinois) Judicial Circuit
William D. Maddux ’57 Cook County (Illinois) Judicial Circuit
Barbara A. McDonald ’80J.D. Cook County (Illinois) Judicial Circuit
Mary K. Rochford ’76, ’79J.D. Cook County (Illinois) Judicial Circuit
Michael P. Barnes ’73J.D. Indiana Appeals, 3rd District
Kevin P. Wallace ’75 DeKalb County (Indiana) Superior
David Dreyer ’77, ’80J.D. Marion County (Indiana) Superior
John F. Hanley ’77 Marion County (Indiana) Superior
William H. Albright ’67J.D. Saint Joseph County (Indiana) Superior
Roland Chamblee Jr. ’73, ’77J.D. Saint Joseph County (Indiana) Superior
Jerome J. Frese ’75J.D. Saint Joseph County (Indiana) Superior
Jenny Pitts Manier ’82, ’85J.D. Saint Joseph County (Indiana) Superior
Michael Scopelitis ’71J.D. Saint Joseph County (Indiana) Superior
David C. Chapleau ’75 Saint Joseph County (Indiana) Circuit
Terry Crone ’77J.D. Saint Joseph County (Indiana) Circuit
Charles D. O’Connor Jr. ‘68 Shelby County (Indiana) Circuit
Ronald E. Melichar ’59 Tippecanoe County (Indiana) Circuit
Robert W. Lensing ’59 Vanderburgh County (Indiana) Superior
Michael H. Eldred ’ 70. ’ 75JD Vigo County (Indiana) Superior
Joseph J. Straub ’52, ’55J.D. Iowa 3rd District
James E. Kelley ’63 Iowa 7th District
R. David Fahey ’72, ’75J.D. Iowa 8th District
J. William Graves ’57 Kentucky Supreme
Douglas M. Gonzales ’59 Louisiana Appeal, 1st Circuit
Piper Griffin ’84 Civil District of Orleans Parish (Louisiana)
John B. Beliveau ’59 Maine 8th Judicial District
Kathleen Cox ’76, ’79J.D. Maryland Circuit, 3rd District
W. James O’Neill ‘67 Nantucket County (Massachusetts) District
Daniel A. Ford ’71 Massachusetts Superior
Michael J. Connor ’60, ’62J.D. Michigan Appeals
Patrick M. Meter ’70, ’73J.D. Michigan Appeals
Paul Braunlich ’53, ’59J.D. Michigan 1st District
Paul E. Deats ’74J.D. Michigan 4th District
Alfonso A. Magnotta ’64, ’67J.D. Michigan 10th District
Robert B. Brzezinski ’58 Michigan 16th District
Willie G. Lipscomb Jr. ’75J.D. Michigan 36th District
Gus Cifelli ’50 Michigan 48th District
Michael K. Hegarty ’56, ’57J.D. Michigan 53rd District
Donald Passenger ’86J.D. Michigan 61st District
Thomas J.Phillip ’68 Michigan 86th District
James S. Casey ’61J.D. Kalamazoo County (Michigan) Probate
Michael Baumgartner ’74J.D. Roscommon County (Michigan) Probate
James J. Rashid ’76 Michigan 3rd Judicial Circuit
Daniel Ryan ’87J.D. Michigan 3rd Judicial Circuit
Robert A. Benson ’52 Michigan 17th Judicial Circuit
Anthony A. Monton ’76J.D. Michigan 27th Judicial Circuit
Paul J. Clulo ’62 Michigan 42nd Judicial Circuit
Michael E. Dodge ’69J.D. Michigan 43rd Judicial Circuit
Kym Worthy ’84J.D. Detroit (Michigan) Recorder’s Court
Kathleen Blatz ‘76 Minnesota Supreme
Alan Page ’67, ’93Hon. Minnesota Supreme
Thomas G. McCarthy ’74J.D. Minnesota 1st Judicial District
John B. VanDeNorth Jr. ’70J.D. Minnesota 2nd Judicial District
John Q. McShane ’68 Minnesota 4th Judicial District
Jay D. Mondry ’61 Minnesota 4th Judicial District
Jon A. Maturi ’69 Minnesota 9th Judicial District
Dennis J. Murphy ’60 Minnesota 9th Judicial District
Patricia O’Brien Cotter ’77J.D. Montana Supreme
Sandra L. Dougherty ’72M.A. Nebraska 4th District
Deborah E. Schumacher ’80M.A., ’83J.D. Nevada 2nd Judicial District
Archie Blake ’77J.D. Nevada 3rd Judicial District
Robert W. Lueck ’74J.D. Nevada 8th Judicial District
John S. McGroarty ’73 Nevada 8th Judicial District
Lawrence A. Eleuteri Sr. ’58 New Jersey Superior, 3rd Vicinage
Joseph C. Cassini III ’72, ’76J.D./MBA New Jersey Superior, 5th Vicinage
John J. Coyle Jr. ’68J.D. New Jersey Superior, 13th Vicinage
Paul R. Onuska ’72 JD, New Mexico, 11th Judicial District
W. John Brennan ’69, New Mexico, 2nd Judicial District
James J. Loughren ’68, New Mexico, 2nd Judicial District
Donald J. Wisner ’63 New York Supreme, Appellate Division
Frank B. Williams ’67 Saratoga County (New York)
Dennis W. Duggan ’71 Albany County (New York) Family
J. Howard Sundermann Jr. ’63 Ohio Appeals, 1st District
James A. Brogan ’61 Ohio Appeals, 2nd District
Ronald W. Vettel ’63, ’66J.D. Ashtabula County (Ohio) Common Pleas
Joseph N. Schmenk ’80J.D. Defiance County (Ohio) Common Pleas
Elizabeth Mattingly ’75J.D. Hamilton County (Ohio) Common Pleas
Robert B. Hines II ’73 Holmes County (Ohio) Common Pleas
Joseph A. Flores ’56 Lucas County (Ohio) Common Pleas, Juvenile Division
Patrick Foley ’55, ’56J.D. Montgomery County (Ohio) Common Pleas
Wilfrid G. Dues ’72 Preble County (Ohio) Common Pleas
Norman P. Smith ’68J.D. Shelby County (Ohio) Common Pleas
Richard P. Carey ’80 Clark County (Ohio) Municipal
Ethna Bennert Cooper ’80J.D. Hamilton County (Ohio) Municipal
Eddie J. Elum ’74 Stark County (Ohio) Municipal
George H. Ferguson ’53 Elyria (Ohio) Municipal
Frederick R. Daniel ’75, ’78J.D. Tiffin (Ohio) Municipal
Caram J. Abood ’60, ’61J.D. Pennsylvania Common Pleas
Timothy P. Creany ’67 Pennsylvania Common Pleas
Francis Fornelli ’63 Pennsylvania Common Pleas
William F. Morgan ’60 Pennsylvania Common Pleas
Hugh F. Mundy ’69J.D. Pennsylvania Common Pleas
Thomas A. Swope Jr. ’56 Pennsylvania Common Pleas
Jaime Fuster-Berlingeri ’62 Puerto Rico Supreme
Charles D. Susano Jr. ’58 Tennessee Appeals
William J. Faimon ’54 Davidson County (Tennessee) General Sessions
Mark Tolle ’53, ’55J.D. Dallas County (Texas) Criminal District
Lawrence J. Gist ’63 Jefferson County (Texas) Criminal District
Joseph P. Kelly ’61 Texas 24th District,
Bonnie Rangel ’79J.D. Texas 171st District
David Guaderrama ’79J.D. Texas 243rd District
Tracy Christopher ’78, Texas 295th District
Timothy J. Hauler ’68 Virginia 12th Judicial Circuit
Michael McWeeny ’72J.D. Virginia 19th Judicial Circuit
Mary Yu ’93J.D. King County (Washington) Superior
Joseph P. Albright ’60, ’62J.D. West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals
N. Patrick Crooks ’63J.D. Wisconsin Supreme
L. Edward Stengel ’71 Wisconsin Circuit, 4th District
Dennis D. Conway ’58 Wisconsin Circuit, 6th District
John P. Hoffman ’67 Wisconsin Circuit, 8th District

Sources: Notre Dame Law School Office of Career Services and the Law School Relations Office.