The mother lode

Author: Notre Dame Magazine staff


At this point in her life’s journey, Maraya Steadman ’89, ’90MBA is a stay-at-home mother of three. Her Notre Dame diplomas hang in the laundry room as she struggles with trying to fold fitted sheets.

In her role as a mom, Steadman says, her children make her laugh every day. Sometimes it’s just an inward smile, as when she makes mac ’n’ cheese out of a box and they tell her it’s “the best dinner ever.” Other times it’s laugh out loud, like when her 8-year-old daughter gives her advice about men or her son wears a cape to go to “work.”

She writes about her parenting experiences with honesty as she tries to raise God’s children to be kind people who will grow up and get a job, contribute to humanity and take good care of her in her dotage.

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