The Rest Is Up to You

For best results: Read, print and place this story over your face in the campus napping location of your choice.

Author: Kate Ross

I wouldn’t necessarily call this a guide. It’s more a list of places I’ve managed to nap “in spite of . . .” fill in the blank. Some spots aren’t very quiet, or lack the privacy one may desire when looking for a place to sleep. But it’s possible, and I’m well-rested proof. Take it or leave it: here are six of my campus nap spots.


The Third-Floor Lounge in Walsh

This was a freshman year staple for me and the most likely entry on this list to get you through a full REM cycle. Walsh boasts a unique lounge culture, one that applies as much to napping purposes as it does for social ones. The couches are plush, easily coaxing one into slumber. Whether I was making late-night phone calls to friends and family, or just relishing the sweet relief of air conditioning in the hotter months, I would often end up dozing off. I wasn’t alone in this experience, as evidenced by an Instagram page dedicated to documenting Walshies who fell asleep in the lounge. Don’t sneak in to test the couches out, just take my word for it.


The DeBartolo Hall Lounge

I go to this spot for the same reason I went to Notre Dame: the community. I’m never the only one napping in this study room. Its location in the hub of campus makes it the ideal spot to nap during a study break or between classes. With just four soft bean bags, real estate is limited, so claim your spot quickly. Careful, though: This room is filled with silent studiers and quiet enough to hear a pin drop. People who snore, be warned.

Kate Ross Naps
The author conducts research in the Career Center. Matt Cashore ’94

The Grassy Slope Near the Log Cabin

One of my favorite places on campus, a nap in this shady oasis is a refreshing break from the indoors. Laying down on a blanket or hammocking between trees, this spot provides a great view of St. Mary’s Lake and all the movement that goes on around it. On a good day, there’s a perfect mix of sunshine and fluffy clouds, keeping you warm without overheating. The sounds of birds chirping and basilica bells ringing lull you to sleep, making the spot so relaxing you might nap the afternoon away.


The Basement Game Room of LaFortune

Timing is key for this one. Besides working at Notre Dame Magazine this summer, I’ve also picked up some early-morning shifts at Duncan Student Center. The hour and a half I have between jobs belongs to me and my secret sleep spot: the LaFun basement game room. Past the pool table, foosball and shuffleboard is a wonderfully cozy couch. The lights are usually already dimmed, creating an excellent atmosphere for a morning nap. From my experience, no one’s spending a ton of time down there at this hour — I’ve only been interrupted once when a group came in to play pool. (How dare they!)


A Couch in the Middle of the Career Center

One freshman-year moment in the Career Center was an example of a nap spot choosing me. I seem to recall upperclassmen milling about, waiting their turn to take headshots for whatever resume site they were curating or preparing for a job interview. They didn’t stop me. A result of never sleeping enough my first year, I accidentally knocked out on a nondescript couch in the way only a freshman unconcerned with finding a job could. This was a one-off, but as a senior now returning — wide awake — to the Career Center for my own post-grad endeavors, I think of it fondly.


Some Chairs in Bond Hall

This deserves an honorable mention: I once pushed three rolling office chairs together in Bond Hall to nap after some extensive studying for an exam. It was a tango between being exhausted enough to actually fall asleep there, and maintaining the balance needed to not disrupt the delicate positioning of the chairs. One of my more impressive nap feats.

Kate Ross, a rising senior American studies major and journalism minor, is this magazine’s summer intern.