Photo of the Week: Trading Places

Author: Notre Dame Magazine

Potw 930

“It was then that it hit me: We had switched roles. He had my back just as I used to keep an eye on his when he was small. He is stronger than me now, smarter and tougher, too, which is every father’s wish, but not one we necessarily want our sons to see.” Anthony DePalma writes in our upcoming autumn edition about the trails — and trials — in his journey with his son, Aahren ’04, and how their place in each other’s lives has changed as they’ve aged.

It’s one of several stories in the issue, which will be in the mail and available at next week, that read like gifts from writer to reader, a coincidental collection that we received and pass on with gratitude. “They came together not as a well-laid plan but serendipitously,” editor Kerry Temple ’74 writes, “as gifts to us here, arriving unexpectedly and in unison.”

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