Wondering Out Loud: What is that CE label?

Author: Ed Cohen

You’ve been seeing it for years now on the backs of computers and other electronic products or on the boxes they come in. What does that bold, black, rounded “CE” signify?

It means the product conforms with all health, safety and environmental protection standards of the 18-nation European Union and is therefore eligible to be sold within those countries. CE is an acronym for Conformité Européene, French for “European Conformity.”

Adopted in 1993, the CE labeling program aims to standardize regulations across the continent as part of long-time efforts to create a single European market, facilitate trade and encourage economic development.

The CE mark is required on a wide range of products, from air traffic control equipment and explosives used in road construction to refrigerators, gas water heaters, helmets, toys and heart pacemakers.

Source: Tom Bogenschild