You can become the story

Author: Bill Mitchell '71

Gone are the days when journalists can explore, on their own, the future of news. We need your help.

We hope you’ll lend a hand on our new page on Facebook.

Simply go to In order to add comments or photos to the page, you’ll need to register (it’s free). Click the Sign Up button and enter the basics. You can include or skip as much additional info as you choose before returning to the magazine’s facebook page. Then click Become a Fan on the right side of the page.

This doesn’t replace the magazine’s digital home at Along with The New York Times and other publications, we’ve created a Facebook page to widen our reach and put our audience to work.

We’d like to know what you—whether consumer of news or professional journalist—think of the ideas and thoughts expressed in the articles on newspapers on this and the preceding pages as well as your views on the state of journalism today, whether print or electronic.

In addition to our questions about news, some of the topics we hope you’ll address (with text, photos or video) include:

Your favorite places on campus.

Something (or someone) you’ve kept since your time on campus.

Something you believed during your student days that no longer rings true.

An idea you picked up at Notre Dame and passed on to others.

Don’t forget to have some fun. Surprise your kids and former roommates: Friend them.