A famous game turns 30

By Jerry Barca '99

On October 15, 1988, Pat Terrell '90 became a hero with the final play in a Notre Dame vs. Miami matchup that has spawned books, a documentary, and a notorious nickname. Three decades on, he revisits the legendary game.

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Campus and Community


No Ghost in the Machine

By Lawrence Cunningham

“Use the word soul freely, but do not take it too seriously," says our latest Magazine Classic. "And for heaven’s sake, don’t root around looking for it inside yourself, as if it were a wind in the cave.”

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Current Affairs

Science and Technology

Cut and Paste

By Sharon Tregaskis

In laboratories around the world, scientists are harnessing an ancient biological process to edit the code of life. Does humanity have what it takes to wield such profound power?

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Society and Culture