Campus and Community


Out of Practice

By Lawrence Cunningham

Before our summer issue drops featuring an array of stories on America's Catholic youth, revisit this 1997 reflection on the subject from one of Notre Dame's most prominent theologians.

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Losing Faith

By Kenneth L. Woodward ’57

Our Summer 2018 edition hits mailboxes in two short weeks. Until it does, enjoy this preview from the issue — an examination of the faith of America's youth from one of the country's foremost theological thinkers. 

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Current Affairs

Science and Technology

Cut and Paste

By Sharon Tregaskis

In laboratories around the world, scientists are harnessing an ancient biological process to edit the code of life. Does humanity have what it takes to wield such profound power?

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River town

By John DiTillo ’08, ’15M.A.

A river runs through the city where I live. People drive along it and over it every day. Few slow down, and fewer stop. There was a time when I gave the river little thought. Then an elder of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi woke me up.

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Society and Culture