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What a mess we are

By Jerry Barca '99

As I sat in the pew, I realized something. What a mess we are, a beautiful, hand-waving, kidney-needing, cigarette-smoking, purgatory-praying, stuffed-animal-gripping, prayerful mess.

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A sign at the Grotto

By John Nagy ’00M.A.

At barely a year old, this story published on the magazine's website last year wouldn't normally qualify as a classic. But, in our opinion, the story told here — of a remarkable winter's day at Notre Dame's famous Grotto — is worthy of revisiting.

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The Signature of God

By Jeff Behrens

The physicist who first detected the big bang once said that the discovery was like seeing the "signature of God." Our latest Magazine Classic sees that signature in slightly less significant moments.

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Current Affairs

Science and Technology

The Naturalist

By Deanna Csomo McCool

Chemistry was a fine preoccupation for the Holy Cross priest whose research yielded numerous explosions and the smelly, oily marrow of synthetic rubber. But Julius Nieuwland’s first love was botany.

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Cut and Paste

By Sharon Tregaskis

In laboratories around the world, scientists are harnessing an ancient biological process to edit the code of life. Does humanity have what it takes to wield such profound power?

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Society and Culture