My lady sweet, arise

Jason Kelly '95

Forest Wallace, as Cloten, gives Shakespeare's verse a hip-hop update to woo the king's daughter Imogen. Cloten dismisses the music his attending lords play, then asks them give him a beat. Listen:

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Out of the Office: Sorin on stage

Kerry Temple ā€™74

We all know how the story ends. Many of us know how the story goes. There’s the wintry arrival at the cabin by the lake, the cholera epidemic and other early hardships, and the devastating fire of 1879 — his faithful re-imagining of the university he founded and his mythical “too small a dream” speech.

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What Iā€™m Reading: The Food Lab, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

Amanda Gray ā€™12

The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science doesn’t have a single recipe within the first 80 pages. Instead, J. Kenji López-Alt takes his time talking about what knives, tools and other kitchen accoutrement you need and why. It’s only after that he turns to breakfast (my personal favorite meal of the day) and spends 44 pages just on eggs.

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