In character

By Jason Kelly '95

The magazine goes behind the scenes as the actors of the England-bound Robinson Shakespeare Company grow into their roles.

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Trust, whatever the cost

By Rasmus Jorgensen

Having spent most of my life in small Danish towns, I’ve only once experienced someone actually wanting to do me harm — and that was in a bar during my teenage years when I made a ‘Your Mama’ joke aimed at someone whose mama was a sore topic. He forgave me, fortunately.

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What I’m Reading: The Night Angel Trilogy, Brent Weeks

By Christina Payne '16

I’d been hunting for a new fantasy author to read for a while when I came across the name Brent Weeks. He’s relatively new on the scene, with only one completed series and another halfway done. So I set about getting a copy of his finished The Night Angel Trilogy to see if I could add another author to my list of all-time favorites.

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