Kerry Temple, editor

Kerry Temple

1974 ND bachelor’s degree

Kerry Temple joined the staff of Notre Dame Magazine in 1981 and has been the editor since 1995. He has written dozens of articles and essays for this magazine and others on a wide range of topics and is the author of Back to Earth: A Backpacker’s Journey into Self and Soul. After graduating from Notre Dame in 1974, he returned to his home state to earn a master’s in journalism from Louisiana State University, and has taught nonfiction writing at Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s College. Even though he’s been here a long time, he still feels like he did as an English major living in Farley Hall.




John Nagy, associate editor

John Nagy

Managing Editor
2000 ND master’s degree

John Nagy snuck on to the staff in 2006, having fled campus seven years earlier after spending what seemed like an eternity locked inside his cinderblock grad-student study carrel. He landed in Washington, D.C., getting his start in online journalism when respectable people didn’t do such things. Mostly unpretentious, he holds degrees in English literature and history from the Universities of Virginia and Notre Dame, and he’d love to write that book someday but figures he’ll have to wait until either he grows up or his large but indefinite number of children do.




Jason Kelly, associate editor

Jason Kelly

Associate Editor
1995 ND bachelor’s degree

Jason Kelly joined Notre Dame Magazine as an associate editor in 2015, having been away from the University long enough for his performance as an English student to be forgotten. In his first weeks on the job, he was sent to rural Montana on assignment twice, but returned both times. In his spare time, he enjoys writing autobiographical blurbs in the third-person.



Sarah Cahalan, associate editor

Sarah Cahalan

Associate Editor
2014 ND bachelor’s degree

Sarah Cahalan joined the staff of Notre Dame Magazine in 2017, just soon enough after her graduation to still be occasionally mistaken for an undergrad. A native Hoosier and an alum of New Hampshire Magazine and 5280, Sarah has written for a number of city and regional magazines and lifestyle publications across the United States and abroad. She loves Stanley Tucci and hates warm beverages.




Kerry Prugh, art director

Kerry Prugh

Design and Art Director

Kerry holds a BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art, where she studied graphic design. She then spent seven years as a designer working for not-for-profit clients. In 1996 she moved to the South Bend area, where she worked as an art director for RHB, specializing in marketing for education and other related not-for-profits. She joined the staff of Notre Dame Magazine in August 2010 and calls it her dream job. When not in the office, she usually can be found with her daughter at the stables, where they share a passion for horses and other animals. She still hopes to have “fancy chickens” if her husband ever agrees.




Julie Ettl, business manager

Julie Ettl

Business Manager

After 15 years in New York publishing with Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc., Julie Ettl found herself on a sailboat on Lake Michigan and is now a landlubber with a sailboat neon sign and has successfully navigated 20 years at Notre Dame Magazine. As business manager, she takes on the general mechanics of the magazine’s operation, from monitoring the budget to fundraising, from proofreading to serving as liaison with printers, from poster sales to rights and permissions to overseeing distribution and other circulation tasks. She still describes herself as a classic New York woman who loves the classics: Anna Karenina, Bach’s Brandenburg concertos, Mom’s strand of pearls, a good Chardonnay and, of course, Cary Grant.




Josh Stowe, alumni editor

Josh Stowe

Alumni Editor
2001 ND bachelor’s degree

Though he once made his living by tweeting, Josh has been equally happy to write without regard for character limits since he joined the magazine as alumni editor in 2016. An American Studies major who has reported for a daily newspaper and managed social media for the Alumni Association, he enjoys sharing good stories. He’s also developed a respect for the limits of 21st century attention spans, which is why his bio ends here.




Matt Cashore, photographer

Matt Cashore

Contributing Photographer
1994 ND bachelor’s degree

Matt Cashore first picked up a camera to fulfill a high school fine-arts requirement, and he’s never been the same since. He first darkened the door of Notre Dame Magazine while still a student. Working with the magazine has allowed him to see campus from the steam tunnels underground to hanging out of a helicopter 300 feet over the Golden Dome. Some of his favorite magazine assignments have taken him on adventures to see the Notre Dame community at work in the wider world. He worked with Kerry Temple in 2007 on the book Celebrating Notre Dame.




Barbara Johnston

Contributing Photographer

Barbara Johnston is a former photographer for The Philadelphia Inquirer who joined the University of Notre Dame in 2011. The veteran photojournalist’s work has appeared in The Washington Post, The New York Times, ESPN Magazine and The Los Angeles Times. She has been assigned to national and international assignments, including 2006 Winter Olympics, Kentucky Derby and two World Series. She has no fear of heights and has found herself perched on cranes here on campus and on scaffold atop skyscrapers in downtown Philadelphia.