In the Years Since Summer 2008

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The Burden of Having It All

by Heidi Ardizzone

The social revolution that liberated women has also presented them with even more demands. Most are still trying to map the line between freedom and responsibility.

Making Their Way

by Lisa Moore ’77

Notre Dame’s pioneering alumnae had to create meaningful lives from the frontiers of a societal transformation. Here’s what some are reporting back.

Being Carolyn

by Sally Ann Flecker

The dean of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business defies definition—except to say she is most definitely herself.

Cleaning Up Guatemala

by Don Wycliff ’69

Mario Domingo came to Notre Dame to teach and learn about international human rights—and also because his fight for justice in his native country had his enemies wanting him dead. Should he go back?

Center for Justice with a Global Reach

by Don Wycliff ’69


Religion’s Reach and the Tides of Change

by E.J. Dionne

One Catholic citizen’s survey of the shifting political landscape.

Presidential Campaigns and Their Dodgy Rules of Engagement

by Robert Schmuhl ’70

A good-humored appraisal of a grave and nasty business.

The Politics of Pride … and value of humility

by Tom Rosshirt ’81

A meditation on truth, partisanship and our national character.

Of Vast Import to the Nation

by John Nagy ’00M.A.

A bare-bones parish in Camden, New Jersey, may not seem like the place to look for the Catholic Church in America. But it is.

University News

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Cafe Arts

Grammy-winner Grunert has ’em covered
They have an indie jones
Active parishioner website
Cafe Choice: Creative work by ND people
Book excerpt: Counterfeit Amateurs, by Allen L. Sack ’67
Web extra: Books, CDs and DVDs in brief
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Alumni Affairs

Listening to Notre Dame history
Doing drugs: Chemist Michael Flavin ’78
Domers in the News
Deaths of ND alumni

The Spirit Campaign

Just doing it


When Amanda (Dodd) Miller’99 and her twin sister, Lacy Dodd ‘99, sought scholarships to attend Notre Dame, they found them through the Army. So the two arrived at Notre Dame in 1995 as students and cadets in the University’s Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. Miller writes about her experiences with the military in On God, Country, Notre Dame.

Frederick Jamroz Jr. ’60 had a special affinity for Mary and for Notre Dame, writes his daughter Anne M. Jamroz-Garrett. She talks about the feelings Notre Dame evoked in her father and the Jamroz family in The Blessed Mother Comes Full Circle.


Mother of the Church

by Patrick McGuire

One Man Is an Island

by Anthony DePalma


by Chet Raymo ’58, ’64Ph.D.