Food for Thought Winter 2013-14

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The Land of the Free

by Ann Gurucharri Saudek ’03

America has long provided a home to the immigrant brave — and has benefited from those seeking a better life. This is still true today.

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Answers Blowing in the Wind

by Brendan O’Shaughnessy ’93

Joe Fernando commandeers a fleet of projects to engineer a safer tomorrow.

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Napper of the Year

by Brian Doyle ’78

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My two Emilys

by Mike Smith ’01MFA

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The Storytellers’ Tales

by Tara Hunt ’12

The people who bring you the “What Would You Fight For?” ads must sometimes veer from the script and ad-lib their way to the finished product.

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Misfortune’s Foe

by Vince DeGennaro Jr. ’02

Circumstances of birth and fate have too often sentenced the unlucky to death. It’s now within our means to defy destiny, to stop accepting the inevitable.

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Applause for the Magi

by Mark Phillips

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We Are All Accompagnateurs

by Steve Reifenberg ’81

By walking together and applying proven methods, we have reason to hope for the world’s future development.

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Still Catholic

by Michael Garvey ’74

While others may find cause to stray — in protest or indifference — he has plenty of reasons to stay with this maddeningly human, redemptively divine social sacrament with people like himself.

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