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Shovels ready

By John Nagy ’00M.A.

John Nagy, the magazine’s associate editor, won a gold award from CASE for this story on ND civil engineering students and their look at structural problems in New York City.

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Extraterrestrials at Notre Dame

By Michael Crowe ’58

Stephen Hawking’s warning that sending signals into space could lead to extraterrestrials invading our planet has attracted widespread attention.This topic, which has often been seen as the providence of kooks, can be illuminated by serious scholarship.

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Unbalanced: The left-in-the-middle

By Carol Schaal '91M.A.

At the family gathering, I’d been quizzing my cousins about best choices in smartphones, laptops and other techno-gadgets. But from the grief-stricken look my cousin Bob gave me, you would’ve thought I’d announced I had cancer.

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