Photo of the Week: Back Dome Again

Author: Nicole White '19

Mc 6 Photo by Matt Cashore '94

As the school year drew to a close early this month, more than 3,500 Domers wandered the campus in drawstring bags and lanyards. Despite what their accessories might suggest, they weren’t freshmen — they were alumni, returning to Notre Dame for Reunion 2019.


They were engaged in thought and discussion at “ND Perspectives: The Catholic Church in Crisis” and at the “Fr. Ted Said Speaker Series,” in which faculty and alumni gave talks on a variety of humanitarian topics.


Memories were refreshed and new areas of campus explored on walking and bus tours offered throughout the weekend.


Hearts were filled at various masses, and entertainment was provided in the form of the ND-adjacent movies Edge of Paradise, Catholics Vs. Convicts and Hesburgh and at Sorin: A Notre Dame Story, the University origin play that debuted in 2017.

In the welcoming weather of the weekend, reunited friends and alumni were reminded that they will always be ND — even if, as one alumna wrote for us at the close of her first reunion weekend, it can sometimes be easy to forget.


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Nicole White is an intern at this magazine.