Books in Brief

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Gettysburg: You Are There, Robert Clasby ’83 (Buford Books). A full-color reconstruction, using digital technology, of pivotal moments in the 1863 Civil War battle, along with a summary of the battle’s key events.

A Family of His Own: A Life of Edwin O’Connor, Charles F. Duffy (Catholic University of America Press). A biography of O’Connor ’39, who won fame with the publication of The Last Hurrah and a Pulitzer Prize for The Edge of Sadness, includes his years at Notre Dame.

The Intellectual Appeal of Catholicism and the Idea of a Catholic University, Mark W. Roche (Notre Dame Press). The dean of ND’s College of Arts and Letters discusses the ideal Catholic university. Father Hesburgh, CSC, wrote the foreword.

Creating Communion: The Theology of the Constitutions of the Church, John J. Markey, O.P., ’84, ’86M.A. (New City Press). A discussion of the underlying theological content of Vatican II moves forward with a look at the next stage in the life of the Catholic church.

The Exceptional Presenter, Timothy J. Koegel ’82 ( The former Irish quarterback offers techniques and strategies for upgrading speaking skills.

Last Things, Ralph McInerny (St. Martin’s Minotaur). The ND philosophy professor continues his popular Father Dowling mystery series, as the priest is drawn into the troubles of a family and a previously unknown murder.

The Inclusive Corporation: A Disability Handbook for Business Professionals, Griff Hogan’71 (Swallow Press). Covers business concerns from product design to employment laws as they relate to either customers or employees with disabilities.

Promises Kept: Marriage, A Vow Made to God and to Each Other, Joseph Mark Hayden ’44 (1stBooks). This guide for those in the early years of marriage is a follow-up to the “Marriage . . . Our First Career” program.

My Life with Regis and Joey and Practically Everyone Else, Trustin Howard (PranaPublishing). Inside information about celebrities from Howard’s years as a writer for several TV shows, including The Joey Bishop Show and the time Regis Philbin ’53 walked off the air.

Timeless Cities: An Architect’s Reflections on Renaissance Italy, David Mayernik ’83 (Westview Press). An architect’s tour of Venice, Rome, Florence, Siena and Pienza, filled with the cultural history and relevance of city-building.

Mr. Excel ON EXCEL, Bill Jelen ’87, Joseph Rubin (Holy Macro! Books). Tips and shortcuts on the spreadsheet software, with 147 ideas on how to make using Excel more efficient.

Return to Glory: Inside Tyrone Willingham’s Amazing First Season at Notre Dame, Alan Grant ( Little, Brown and Company). A week-by-week re-creation of a struggling team’s first season under a new coach who’s known for his phenomenal focus.

Heroic Couplets: Stories of Boyhood, Stories of War, William R. Cragg ’65 (1stBooks). Six coming-of-age tales alternate with six stories of service in Vietnam, as the protagonist moves from childlike innocence to loss of idealism.

Damned to Heaven, Bob Mahoney ’85 (1st World Library). The former spaceflight instructor at Johnson Space Center turns to fiction with a thriller about a shuttle marooned in orbit.

Words Have Meaning: The Selected Speeches of Father Theodore Hesburgh, Robert E. Pruett ’60 (1stBooks). Father Hesburgh’s speeches reflect his ideas about religious, educational, athletic, social and political issues.

Roman: Unparalleled Outrage, John William McMullen (1st Books). Historical fiction based on a real event in 1840s Indiana, when a missionary priest was accused of rape. Father Sorin, the founder of Notre Dame, is a character in the novel that plumbs betrayal, prejudice and faith.

A Perfect War of Politics: Parties, Politicians, and Democracy in Louisiana, 1824-1861, John M. Sacher ’92 (Louisiana State University Press). A comprehensive study of the state’s antebellum political history.