Bookstore Basketball: Losing in style

Author: Mike Connolly '02

The number of teams going for laughs instead of victories in Bookstore Basketball seems to grow each year. Here are some of the more entertaining entries from this past year:

Punky Brewster — Five overdressed sophomores from women’s dorm Pasquerilla East shed one article of clothing for every basket they scored. Their optimistic male opponents played less than stellar defense. By design the young women didn’t get any further than a bikini.

Absolut Curlies VIII — The gimmick for the eighth edition of this Zahm Hall team was the same as the seven before it: They reported to the court carrying an empty bottle of Absolut Vodka — empty except for the body hair supposedly shaved from the same region of all five players.

Cuidado Piso Mojado — Consisting of four seniors and a bright yellow cone, this team was named for the ubiquitous hallway floor sign, Spanish for “Caution Wet Floor.” Each player wore a different giant homemade sign, including “Deer Crossing” and “Caution: Deaf Child.”

What About Monkey Brains? and The Dodgy Slappers — After every point, members of these opposing teams jumped onto a Slip’N Slide covered with mayonnaise, mustard, BBQ sauce and lard.

Compiled by Mike Connolly ’02

Notre Dame Magazine, summer 2002