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Author: Carol Schaal '91M.A.

Ireland 2010: Mini Day-to-Day Calendar, Karen Maguire and Barrie Maguire ’60 (Andrews McMeel Publishing). An image of Ireland, from ancient ruins to villages and windswept coastlines, accompanied by writings by or about the Irish, including quotes from Joyce and Beckett, marks each day on this desk calendar.

The Gift of Hope: Advent and Christmas Reflections in the Holy Cross Tradition, edited by Andrew Gawrych, CSC, ’02, ’07M.Div. (Ave Maria Press). Each day features a verse from scripture and a brief reflection. Holy Cross contributions include Theodore Hesburgh, Mary Ellen Vaughan, Peter Jarret and Mary Ann Pajakowski.

Future American Saints? Men and Women Whose Causes Are Being Considered, John F. Fink ’53 (St Pauls). The 51 individuals in this book, including Pierre Toussaint, Mary Virginia Merrick, Father Solanus Casey and Dorothy Day, have been declared either a “servant of God” or “venerable.” The author relates a short history of their lives and briefly explains the steps by which the Vatican declares a person to be a saint.

David Kastner ’79M.A. exhibits: During October, two Manhattan galleries are presenting works by the artist. The exhibit in the DLC Fine Art Gallery in Chelsea shows his exploration of the language of light, color and perception. At the Broadway Gallery in Soho, Kastner presents a collection of paintings that respond to issues surrounding the senses and to emotional reaction. View his works, both two- and three-dimensional, at

This Will Kill You: A Guide to the Ways in Which We Go, HP Newquist ’80 and Rich Maloof (St. Martin’s Griffin). In a humorous and irreverent take on a grim subject, the authors explore some of the many ways humans bite the dust — slimed by a poison dart frog, perhaps — and list some of history’s most notable deaths. The foreword is by Peter Fitzpatrick, M.D., ND class of 1978.

Monk’s Tale: The Pilgrimage Begins, 1941-1975, Rev. Edward A. Malloy, CSC (University of Notre Dame Press). This first installment of the three-volume memoir by the ND president emeritus traces his life from his childhood to his ND undergraduate years as a basketball recruit to his priestly formation, seminary experience and graduate school years at Vanderbilt. He also reflects on the changes in U.S. society and the Catholic Church in the 1960s.

The Catholic Church and American Culture: Why the Claims of Dan Brown Strike a Chord, Eric Plumer ’97Ph.D. (University of Scranton Press). Several books have debunked the messages in Brown’s best-selling The Da Vinci Code. But, Plumer asks, if the book’s claims “are so unfounded and erroneous, why have they resonated so strongly with millions of intelligent readers and filmgoers?” Here he explores 10 major areas of conflict between the Catholic Church and American culture.

Frugal Cool: How to Get Rich — Without Making Very Much Money, John F. Gaski ’71, ’73MBA (Corby Books). Using humor, the author suggests that changes in attitude about frugality and saving money can help the reader reach his chosen financial aims. The foreword is by former ND football head coach Ara Parseghian. The author is an associate professor of marketing at Notre Dame.

The Management 500: A High-Octane Formula for Business Success, Dan Coughlin ’85 (AMACOM). The author offers insights from the world of professional auto racing that can be used by business executives to “win the race for sustainable, profitable growth.” Using examples from racing lore, he discusses such topics as team-building, using pit stops wisely and problem-solving on the go.

A Better Man: True American Heroes Speak to Young Men on Love, Power, Pride and What It Really Means to be a Man, edited by Kelly H. Johnson ’87 (Brandylane Publishers). Among the 26 men who share their experience, life lessons and advice are Ambassador Andrew J. Young Jr., Father Hector LeChapelle, Tavis Smiley and Roger A. Schmitz, professor emeritus and former vice president and associate provost at Notre Dame.

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When Faith and Reason Meet: The Legacy of John Zahm, CSC, David B. Burrell, CSC, ’54 (Corby Books). This biography explores the life of Holy Cross priest John Zahm, who helped develop the sciences at Notre Dame during the 1890s as a scholar, scientist, administrator, educator, author and explorer. Father Burrell is a professor of philosophy and theology at Notre Dame.

Nonprofit Governance: The Why, What, and How of Nonprofit Boardship, John Tropman, Thomas J. Harvey (Corby Books). Offering practical guidelines for board members and executives of nonprofit organizations, the authors discuss such topics as appropriate protocol for meetings, legal issues affecting nonprofit groups and key responsibilities of nonprofit boards. Harvey is the director of the Master of Nonprofit Administration program in the Mendoza College of Business at Notre Dame.

Mzungu: A Notre Dame Student in Uganda, Michael Sweikar ’03 (Better World Books). The recent Notre Dame alumnus offers an account of his transition from a university student to second-grade teacher at St. Benedict’s school in Uganda. He uses journal-like stories to portray teaching in Uganda in an often amusing and spiritual way. Organizations benefiting the people of Uganda will receive profits from book sales.

Photo Finish, Dan Wesolowski ’74 (Infinity Publishing). This thriller mystery is the sixth book in the Drake Simo mystery series. Here, Simo investigates a mystery involving provocative photographs and a deranged skin merchant.

The Hunt, Anne Marsh ’93 (Dorchester Publishing).. In this paranormal romance, a shape-shifting Guardian decides whether or not he will punish an audacious thief. Marsh is a technical writer with a doctorate in Slavic languages and literatures.

Resurrection: The Miracle Season That Saved Notre Dame, Jim Dent (Thomas Dunne Books). The New York Times’ bestselling author of The Junction Boys explores the history of Notre Dame’s football program, especially that of the early 1960s. The author focuses on former head coach Ara Parseghian, who rebuilt a team on the brink of collapse.

Hope and Despair: Moments in Time, Charles K. Wilber (Llumina Press). A gathering of photographs Wilber took during travels on everyday business trips and family outings as well as on extraordinary trips to such events as the March of Washington of ’63. Wilber, a professor of economics at Notre Dame, uses his images and words to reflect a sense of spirituality in an overwhelmingly secular world.

Integrating Literacy and Math: Strategies for K-6 Teachers, Ellen Fogelberg, Carole Skalinder, Patti Satz, Barbara Hiller, Lisa Bernstein ’92, Sandra Vitantonio (Guilford Press). This education tool leads grade school teachers in incorporating math and language arts in order to help their students gain skills for reading many kinds of texts. The book includes planning advice, learning activities, assessment strategies and other resources.

The End of Autumn: Reflections on My Life in Football, Michael Oriard ’70 (University of Illinois Press). The former Notre Dame football player tells the story of his years on Ara Parseghian’s team in the late 1960s , where he was starting center and co-captain of the Fighting Irish his senior year. Oriard is currently a professor of American literature and associate dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Oregon State University.