Cashless Campus

Author: Notre Dame Magazine

Mc 8 Photo by Matt Cashore ’94

You can leave those greenbacks at home next time you visit Notre Dame, which is now a (nearly) cashless campus.

The football stadium — its vendors and concession stands — as well as the dining halls and most other ND eateries no longer take cash. Payments by credit or debit card are accepted.

At many venues, customers may place orders and pay through the Grubhub app and kiosks. The kiosks are available in Duncan and LaFortune student centers, where cash may be transferred to a Visa gift card for purchases. Just six ATMs remain on campus.

Why the change? Touted benefits include faster transactions, the elimination of health concerns when cash changes hands and the safety of not having large amounts of cash to transport to the bank.

You may still use cash at the Morris Inn, Rohr’s, the bookstores, the U.S. Post Office, vending machines and privately run businesses in LaFortune. Cash donations continue to be welcome at the Grotto and the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.