Checkback: Jimmy Gurule

Author: Ed Cohen

The latest on law-professor-on-leave Jimmy Gurulé, who was tracking the money trail of terrorists as undersecretary of Treasury for enforcement: After 18 months on the job Gurulé resigned from the Treasury Department in early February to return to the Law School. The professor, who had been on a two-year leave of absence, said his decision was prompted by the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, which transferred several of his agency responsibilities to Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge. Gurulé said he considered working for the new department but opted to return to Notre Dame. “It wasn’t something I found as interesting or as challenging as the Treasury,” he said. Under Gurulé’s leadership, more than $125 million in financial assets belonging to suspected terrorist financiers was blocked. For his efforts Gurulé was awarded the Treasury Medal, one of the department’s highest honors. Gurulé is currently writing a book about his experiences at the department and the role he played in investigating terrorist financing. He plans to resume teaching in the fall.