Classic Molarity 6-10

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

The original Molarity strips, 6 through 10.



Cartoon #7 introduced me to the power of the press. I was in an English class when a pretty classmate asked if I read the cartoon about the party in the towers. (Flanner and Grace were dorms back in my day.) I got to say, “I wrote it.” I realized then that if I show patience, this cartooning gig might help my social life — the cartoonist as the sardonic, macho commentator. It didn’t work. The headline on the back page of the October 3, 1977, Observer, was “Notre Dame dominates MSU, 16-6” and it noted that Joe Montana started as quarterback for the first time in two years.



Cartoon #9 appeared in the student newspaper on October 11, with the headline on the cover of The Observer reading “Carter appoints Hesburgh" (to UN conference).


In cartoon #10 you see Doug (Mitch’s roommate), but he has no name and really doesn’t make another appearance in the strip again. There is a cartoon later about a ROTC guy morphing into another look — but by then it was a generic student.

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