Domer's Index

Author: Ed Cohen

Total applicants for admission this past year: 9,745

Total offered admission: 3,336

Percentage who chose to enroll: 59

Number of universities with a better enrollment percentage: 4 (in order, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Yale)

Percentage of undergraduate admission applicants from Indiana: 6

Percentage of enrolled undergrads from Indiana: 8

Top three states of origin for undergrad applicants: Illinois, California, Ohio

Top three states of origin for enrolled undergrads: Illinois, Ohio, Indiana

Percentage of legacies (undergrads with one or more parents with a Notre Dame degree) in the current study body: 22

Percentage of undergrads who lettered in at least one high school sport: 70

Percentage who captained a team: 38

Current number of African-American undergrads: 265

Total in 1971-72: 139

Percentage of current graduate students who are U.S. citizens: 76

Percentage of the football team roster made up of walk-ons (non-scholarship athletes): 26

Percentage of undergrads who engage in some form of service work: 85

Most popular form: Center for Social Concerns “Social Concerns Seminars” (e.g., Urban Plunge, Appalachia Seminar)

Percentage of dining hall food “wasted” (prepared but not eaten on site, some of which is donated to charitable groups): 2

Percentage of all campus waste that is recycled: 60

Most popular cold beverage in the dining halls: Coca-Cola

Most popular entree: chicken strips

Toilet paper used campuswide per year: 89.1 million feet (16,888 miles — enough to wrap around the moon 2.6 times)

Official library holdings: approaching 3 million volumes

Number of items currently classified as lost or missing: 4,162 (0.1 percent)

Number of instrumentalists in the Band of the Fighting Irish: 350

Approximate number of notes they play, combined, during a halftime show: 11.8 million

Water consumed by the band during a game: 325 gallons

Capacity of the campus water tower: 500,000 gallons

Cost to repaint one football helmet: $5

Cost to buy a new one: $150

Typical number of hot dogs sold during a home football game: 17,000

Number of living ex-head ND football coaches: 5 (Brennan, Parseghian, Faust, Holtz, Davie); 6 if you count George O’Leary

Number of living ex-presidents: 1 (Hesburgh)

Days of vacation Father Malloy took last year: 5

Average salary for a full professor: $109,900

Average starting salary for a member of the Class of 2001: $40,859

Average for Arts and Letters grads: $32,533; Science: $32,895; Architecture: $33,109; Business: $45,608; Engineering: $49,083

Average salary at graduation for a 2002 Notre Dame MBA: $71,147; Average sign-on bonus: $10,143

Percentage of undergraduate students who identify themselves as Catholic: 84

Percentage of faculty who do so: 52

Total Holy Cross priests at Notre Dame (including Moreau Seminary and Holy Cross House): 110

Percentage who live in Corby Hall: 50

Number of Masses said on campus each week during the school year: approximately 125

Moreau Seminary’s enrollment: 27; its current capacity: 35

Campus acreage: 1,250

Total sidewalks: 16 miles

Total sprinkler heads: approximately 70,000

Total University employees, 2002: 4,758

Total 30 years ago: 2,498

Total athletic department employees who work exclusively for the football program: 18

Total exclusive to the baseball program: 4

Tuition + room and board, 1972-73: $3,444-$3,604 depending on housing and amenities

Tuition + room and board, 2002: $32,020