Fanfare for the Front-Liners

Bruce Cosacchi ’60 trumpets his gratitude each night for the people risking their health to help the rest of us during the coronavirus pandemic.

Author: Notre Dame Magazine

Every night at 8 o’clock local time, in a community on the Hood Canal near Seattle, Bruce Cosacchi ’60 plays a song on his trumpet. From his deck overlooking the water, he sends his musical thanks “for those who leave each day to take their post in harm’s way.”

Cosacchi, a retired FBI special agent, emails neighbors each evening’s song selection and they shine lights, blare horns, ring bells and cheer, creating a daily symphony of gratitude. Here’s his rendition of “No Man Is an Island”:

A former Notre Dame drum major who still performs with his Foggy Bottom Jazz Band, Cosacchi dedicates his gesture “to all of you who leave each day to pull the wagon, tend to the sick, clean the rooms, sweep the floors, stock the shelves, first responders, delivery drivers . . . this one’s for you.”

And for an encore, here’s “How Great Thou Art”: