Green-shirting yields bonanza

Author: Staff writer

Given the football team’s phenomenal start, it was no great surprise that the 2002 version of The Shirt sold out its initial production of 44,000 just four games into the 2002 season.

Designed by Notre Dame students and sponsored by Student Activities and the Alumni Association, The Shirt raises money for scholarships, student organizations, and to aid students and others in need. This year’s kelly green version, $15, sported the apt phrase “Return to Glory.” In the 13-year history of the project, this was the first time The Shirt ever sold out during the season. The initial batch netted the project $225,000.

Rather than assume the risk of printing another batch, student organizers worked with the University’s licensing arm to negotiate a royalty agreement. The bookstore ordered more T-shirts, along with sweatshirts, mugs, key chains and other items bearing the trademarked design, and the project received 7 percent of sales. As of early November 2002, the total raised by The Shirt project exceeded $250,000.