Haiti backgrounder

Author: the staff of Notre Dame Magazine

_Notre Dame Magazine_ has through the years run a number of articles about Haiti, from a crusade and scientific research to eliminate one of the country’s scourges — elephantiasis, an advanced form of lymphatic filariasis — to a school where Notre Dame students frequently volunteer to Haiti’s fraught history. We offer these background pieces for those wishing to learn more about the country and Notre Dame's work there. *Father Thomas G. Streit, CSC*, a Notre Dame assistant research professor of biological sciences, has been working in Haiti since 1993 to combat lymphatic filariasis. "Blessed Are the Healers":http://magazine.nd.edu/news/14396-blessed-are-the-healers. *Notre Dame scientists* have for years investigated the genetics of mosquitoes, to try to stop the diseases they can spread, including malaria and lymphatic filariasis. "The Littlest Killers":/news/10002. *ND students* frequently volunteer at a Catholic school on the outskirts of Port au Prince. They offer "A Gift of Hope":/news/10285. *Update* on "Louverture Cleary School":http://newsblog.projo.com/2010/01/haitian-projects-ri-leader-hea.html. Throughout the years, Notre Dame has worked on *several projects in Haiti*, "Other Notre Dame Initiatives":http://magazine.nd.edu/news/10287-other-notre-dame-initiatives-in-haiti. As part of the longer story, "If We Fail To Act," Paul Farmer, M.D., founding director of Partners in Health, wrote about the *history of Haiti* in "A Nation Undermined":http://magazine.nd.edu/news/14398-haiti-a-nation-undermined. A 2006 *Haitian documentary* combined the skills of three Notre Dame alums — director Dan Schnorr ‘05, co-director and editor Justin Brandon ’04 and executive producer Brian McElroy ’05 — to showcase members of a rural Haitian community who have taken the cause of development into their own hands. The film is being screened in its entirety to raise support for earthquake relief efforts. See "The Road to Fondwa":http://fondwa.org/