In Your Dreams

Author: Matt Cashore ’94

Using the magic carpet ride of drone technology, senior University photographer Matt Cashore ’94 gives the earthbound an aerial view of the places we walk around in. For this photo essay, Cashore pointed his airborne lens directly downward. The effect not only provides an unfamiliar perspective of familiar structures and terrain but also reflects the beauty and geometric precision of campus. On the following pages are images of the South Dining Hall cupola, Stonehenge, the Main Building, the sundial outside the Jordan Hall of Science and the plaza just north of the football stadium. Parallel rows of trees pose in blazing autumn red on the Irish Green and the statue of Jesus stands at the pinwheel gateway to God Quad. The nautical theme of the Mendoza courtyard, which features the copper clipper ship that symbolized international trade and adorned Hurley Hall for decades, is more apparent from a flying camera than at ground level. Even the mathematical rigor of Notre Dame Stadium calls for a closer look — and poses the question anew: Are the two sets of nine diagonal lines really pointed at a 42-degree angle toward the Main Building in reference to the University’s founding in 1842? —Kerry Temple ’74

Mc Overhead North End Zone 1
Mc Overhead Sdh Spire 1
Mc Overhead Sacred Heart Jesus Statue
Mc Overhead Irish Green Trees
Mc Overhead Main Building 1
Mc Overhead Jhos Sundial 1
Mc Overehead Stonehenge 1
Mc Overhead Stadium Plaza
Mc Overhead Sorin Statue Kp Retouched
Mc Overhead Mcob Courtyard 1