Author: Kristen Dold ’09

Fro-Yo: The delicious frozen yogurt found at the Dining Hall (often a major factor in the freshman 15).

Pigtostal: Revival of AnTostal. Biggest outdoor party of the year: 80 kegs, two pig heads and one naked swimmer.

Dis-O: Short for Disorientation: secret dorm initiation, including parties, 3 a.m. swims in the lake and whatever else the seniors feel like.

Swipe: Notre Dame student ID: used for dining hall, Domer Dollars and sneaky student charges at the bookstore. (Sorry Mom.)

Arkies: Those ambitious five-year architecture students, a breed of their own.

Jersey Chasers: Girls obsessed with snagging athletes — any kind, any time, anywhere.

Domer: Overzealous yet endearing super fan of the University.

Tag: Adding a picture of a Facebook friend to their profile.

Digits: Getting a girl’s or guy’s phone number.

Iced: Being given the brush-off by the opposite sex.

The Sweep: PC word for the transpo trolley that goes from ND’s campus to the mall and Saint Mary’s.

Afrikegger: Keg party to collect donations for a humanitarian cause in Africa. Wear the duds you brought back from your last trip to Uganda.

Compiled by Kristen Dold ’09