Molarity Classic: 290-294

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

Some Domers take SYRs a little too seriously.

Molarity Classic, strip 290

290. I am not sure if I have to explain a "Screw-Your-Roommate Dance.” Ostensibly it is a dance where everyone in a dorm would have a blind date set up for them. It was a great way for socially inept students at ND (easily over 90 percent of us) to get dates.

Molarity Classic, strip 291

291. This cartoon appeared the same day an article about 1980 Academy Awards were announced. The winners in various categories included Apocalypse Now, Kramer vs Kramer and All That Jazz.

Molarity Classic, strip 292

292. A headline on the Observer “Existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre dies.” There is no indication that my cartoon killed him. Bookstore Basketball was into its fourth day.

Molarity Classic, strip 293

293. This _Observer_’s Features page had an article by Tom Jackman ’82 (still working at the Washington Post today) about the tenth anniversary of the Beatles breakup.

Molarity Classic, strip 294

294. This cartoon features my favorite Roman fountain: the Four Rivers by Lorenzo Bernini in Piazza Navona. At the end of the year, when I decided that I would not have a full Rome experience unless I jumped into one of the famous fountains, I chose this one. It was a quick walk from our Hotel Lunetta. I simply looked around to make sure no Carabinieri (military police) were around. I jumped in, went underwater and walked home.

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