Molarity Classic: 290-294

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

Some Domers take SYRs a little too seriously. p(image-center nocap). !/assets/145732/fullsize/7980_290.jpg(Molarity Classic, strip 290)! 290. I am not sure if I have to explain a "Screw-Your-Roommate Dance.” Ostensibly it is a dance where everyone in a dorm would have a blind date set up for them. It was a great way for socially inept students at ND (easily over 90 percent of us) to get dates. p(image-center nocap). !/assets/145733/fullsize/7980_291.jpg(Molarity Classic, strip 291)! 291. This cartoon appeared the same day an article about 1980 Academy Awards were announced. The winners in various categories included _Apocalypse Now, Kramer vs Kramer_ and _All That Jazz_. p(image-center nocap). !/assets/145734/fullsize/7980_292.jpg(Molarity Classic, strip 292)! 292. A headline on the _Observer_ "Existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre dies." There is no indication that my cartoon killed him. Bookstore Basketball was into its fourth day. p(image-center nocap). !/assets/145735/fullsize/7980_293.jpg(Molarity Classic, strip 293)! 293. This _Observer_'s Features page had an article by Tom Jackman ’82 (still working at the _Washington Post_ today) about the tenth anniversary of the Beatles breakup. p(image-center nocap). !/assets/145736/fullsize/7980_294.jpg(Molarity Classic, strip 294)! 294. This cartoon features my favorite Roman fountain: the Four Rivers by Lorenzo Bernini in Piazza Navona. At the end of the year, when I decided that I would not have a full Rome experience unless I jumped into one of the famous fountains, I chose this one. It was a quick walk from our Hotel Lunetta. I simply looked around to make sure no Carabinieri (military police) were around. I jumped in, went underwater and walked home.
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