Molarity Classic: 334-338

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

Innocence lost and election season just around the corner? A perfect time, actually, for a modest proposal concerning campus squirrels.

334. The local bishop announced that there would be no gambling across the entire Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese, including raffles and bingo. Because of prior commitments Notre Dame’s Mardi Gras would be the last one where games of chance such as black jack and poker were permitted.

335. The top story in The Observer reported a burglary at the library’s Rare Book and Special Collection Room. Security suspected an inside job because of the timing and the alleged burglar’s ability to locate the cabinet that held the rare coins. But it noted that things appeared to have been taken at random as more valuable pieces were left behind.

336. Twelve years after Eugene McCarthy’s run for the presidency and this topic was colder than February in South Bend.

337. A poll on the Observer front page noted that 60 percent of women at Notre Dame felt discrimination while only 27 percent of men thought women were suffering from discrimination. An announcement in the paper noted that Amnesty International was sponsoring a movie regarding “Human Rights in South Korea.” This was not a misprint, it was rights in South Korea that concerned Amnesty International.

338. Okay: While this remains a favorite joke of mine, I suspected mostly just the faculty would get this. Expecting a student to know both Eugene McCarthy and Charlie McCarthy was just asking too much.

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