Molarity Classic: 381-385

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

Ah, science fiction. The perfect vehicle for contemplating the undergraduate condition.

381. This series of cartoons is definitely a fan favorite. Coincidentally, the cover of The Observer had an interview with Father Ted noting that many considered him the most powerful Catholic in America.

382. I impress myself with these cartoons as they were drawn from my memory of Planet of the Apes, a 1968 film. I simply did not have the access to photos. This was that strange Dark Age before HBO, VHS tapes, Internet search engines or browsers such as . . . wait for it . . . Netscape. It might also speak well of the movie’s artistic design as these images must have been emblazoned in my mind from seeing it only a few times.

383. Once I started in getting into the paper every day, the editors at The Observer never questioned the content of my cartoons. Some students thought my treatment of Father Hesburgh here was the harshest kind of cartoon. I did not see it as harsh, just poking fun. By the way, I never heard anything from the administration about the content of my cartoons, either.

384. The image in the second panel was the kernel of the idea that sprouted into the four-cartoon series. The front-page headline in The Observer was about the repercussions of the South Bend Police strip-searching eight Saint Mary’s students arrested for underage drinking at Corby’s. Apparently they had hired a former matron at a women’s prison who was used to strip-searching prisoners.

385. Of course, in today’s world, I would be drawn and quartered for cultural appropriation.

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