Molarity Classic: 520-524

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

Romantic trouble, sports-fan woes, sugary cereals. They’re part of this complete education.


8182 520

520. Just to confirm the critique that all my cartoons revolve around sex and death . . .


8182 521

521. As students we had the misconception that the world gets more real when you get out. I have been telling my three teenagers that life doesn’t get better when you leave high school. People do not become more mature or more informed. There will still be sneaks and liars. You will have teachers and bosses you like and don’t like. And, like high school, you can be the head of the class if you just do your homework.


8182 522

522. By this point I was not getting any reactions, positive or negative, to the Alphie jokes.


8182 523

523. It is easy to tell cheerleader jokes, and I told plenty. So I thought they deserved a shout-out in 1982 because they were working really hard when the fans were just getting depressed. The highlight of Notre Dame sports was Joe Montana winning his first Super Bowl ring with the 49ers.


8182 524

524. The subject matter was based on a request from a group of friends who were preoccupied with Sugar Smacks. “These are good Smacks,” they would say with a nod at every breakfast.


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