Molarity Classic: 555-559

Author: Michael Molinelli '82

Mistakes can be made in the rush to get out the door. 

8182 555

555. This cartoon was based on an event of some confusion — and it was nothing but confusion to the reader. It referred to the sudden removal of five students from Pangborn Hall in circumstances that seemed to have deprived the students of due process. In the news, a front-page story in the same issue of The Observer announced that Father Hesburgh would be observing elections in El Salvador along with Secretary of State, Alexander Haig ’43.


8182 556

556. A sports piece documented the success of Irish decathlete Paul Doyle ’83, who set a new school record with 7,774 points, placing third in the Domino Pizza Relays in Florida. Meanwhile, I started a weekly column just so the Observer editors could see that I could write. 


8182 557

557. The Democratic Socialists of America, numbering about 25 and comprised mostly of graduate philosophy students and professors, protested Father Hesburgh’s trip to El Salvador. 


8182 558

558. News item: Three members of the women’s swim team were named All-Americans: Kathy Latino ’82, Teri Schindler ’83 and Jeanine Blatt ’82


8182 559

559. This strip was very politically incorrect of me. The twist is that this time Cheryl’s disapproval comes before the punchline instead of being the punchline.


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