ND MBA - A good value

Author: Notre Dame Magazine

If you’re thinking about going back to school to get an MBA, Forbes Magazine says Notre Dame’s MBA offers one of the most rapid returns on investment.

A report in the magazine’s February 7 issue ranked the top 25 national and top 25 regional business schools by comparing the salary gains the schools’ typical MBA graduates enjoyed versus the cost of getting their degree.

The editors surveyed the Class of 1994 and took into account the tuition students paid, the wages students said they lost while enrolled full time, and their salaries before they enrolled and five years out from graduation.

Notre Dame ranked 18th in the national schools category with its students’ salaries rising from an average of $30,000 before enrolling to $78,000 five years out. It took the average Notre Dame MBA graduate only 4.2 years to recoup the cost as well as the wages sacrificed while attaining the degree.

Topping the Forbes national schools list in terms of salary gains was Harvard, whose typical graduate school student was $101,000 ahead after five years. The rest of the top five: Dartmouth, Stanford, UC-Berkeley and UCLA.