Notre Dame Student Media

Author: Ed Cohen


News magazine

Begun: 1867

Frequency: every other week while classes are in session

Size: 28 to 52 pages

Circulation: 7,100 distributed free on campus, 400 mailed subscriptions ($35/year)

Staff: 30-35

Salaries: $300 to $400 per semester for editors

Funding: Student Activities allocation plus some advertising and subscriptions



The Dome


Begun: 1906

Frequency: once a year

Size: 352 pages

Circulation: 7,500 copies given free to undergraduates; $50 for grad students or anyone else.

Staff: 13

Salaries: $200 to $300 per semester; editor-in-chief and managing editors eligible for scholarship assistance.

Funding: allocated by Student Activities

Website: none


The Juggler

Magazine of student literary works, art and design

Begun: 1919

Frequency: once per semester

Size: 24-36 pages

Circulation: 4,000 distributed free on campus

Staff: 5-10 for art and literature

Salaries: up to $300 per semester for editor-in-chief

Funding: Student Activities allocation



The Observer

Daily newspaper

Begun: 1966

Frequency: daily when classes are in session

Size: 20-36 pages; usually 24

Circulation: 10,000 copies distributed free on campus (13,500 on home football Fridays) plus about 300 mailed subscriptions ($100/year)

Staff: 150

Salaries: $50-$160 a week

Funding: mainly advertising plus $12 per year student activity fee.



Common Sense

Liberal alternative newspaper

Begun: 1987

Frequency: three issues per semester

Size: 8-16 pages, normally 12

Circulation: 3,000-4,000 distributed free on campus; about 100 mailed ($15 minimum contribution)

Staff: 10-15 students and faculty, one alumna

Salaries: none

Funding: faculty contributions, some ads



The Irish Rover

Conservative alternative newspaper

Begun: December 2003?

Frequency: once every two weeks this past semester

Size: 12 pages

Circulation: 3,500 distributed free on campus; a small number of mailed subscriptions (minimum donation of $35/year)

Staff: core group of 8-10 editors; 15-20 helpers

Salaries: none

Funding: The Collegiate Network, subsidiary of conservative Intercollegiate Studies Institute, plus donations from alumni and parents, one advertiser



Advocata Nostra

Alternative newspaper focusing on Catholic orthodoxy

Begun: October 2004

Frequency: monthly

Size: 12 pages

Circulation: 3,000 copies distributed free on campus; some subscribers ($35/year)

Staff: about 10 editors

Salaries: none

Funding: advertising, subscriptions, contributions (largest from Class of '52)

Website: none

Electronic media

Notre Dame Television

TV show production group

Begun: 2002

Frequency: two weekly programs. News airs first at 7 p.m. Wednesdays; Mike Peter Show (talk and comedy) Fridays at 8. Both are rerun multiple times.

Size: each show is half-hour

Circulation: airs on a cable station viewable only in dorms and other campus buildings wired for cable.

Staff: nearly 70

Staff salaries: none

Funding: Student Acitivites


88.9 FM WSND:

Radio station featuring mostly classical music; college rock midnight to 2 a.m.

W.S.N.D = We Serve Notre Dame

Begun: as Notre Dame radio club in 1935, became an AM station 1947, moved to FM in 1962

Hours of operation: on air from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Friday; Saturday 8-2; Sunday 9-2

Reach: 28-mile radius of campus

Staff: 25-30 students plus professors, volunteers from community. Non-students take on additional shows during breaks in academic year.

Salaries: stipends for executive staff students of $300 to $900 per semester

Funding: Student Activities plus listener fund drives and other fund-raising events like Big Band music dance.



College radio station broadcast over World Wide Web— Eclectic mix of music styles: indie rock, hip hop, bluegrass, folk, electronica, reggae, classic rock, alternative, opera, classical. Also broadcasts Notre Dame football and men's and women's basketball games. V.F.I. = Voice of the Fighting Irish.

Begun: spun off from WSND in mid-'70s; switched to webcasting in 1999.

Hours of operation: 8 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. while classes are in session.

Reach: global via the World Wide Web

Staff: 140 DJs

Salaries: stipends for board members, $125 to $1,000 per semester

Funding: Student Activities

Independently run website catering to Notre Dame students. Launched by students, now owned by an alumnus and staffed by students. Features include evaluations of faculty, do-it-yourself polls, ads, information, games, links to other media.

Begun: 1999

Hours of operation: continuous

Reach: global, via World Wide Web

Staff: three

Salaries: general manager $1,500 per semester; technician, $1,000; sales associate on commission.

Funding: ad sales

Sources: editors and advisers to the publications and their websites