Online pop quiz

Author: Notre Dame Magazine staff

If you’ve been checking the magazine’s website at least once a week, as a Good Domer should, you know we’ve expanded our reach to movie reviews, a comic strip, up-to-date discussions of topical issues, personal looks at campus events and people, and an ever-expanding and changing array of informative and entertaining features.

How tuned to the website are you? We take you back to your college days with our pop quiz. And here we provide links to the answers.

Pop quiz

Why is Professor Jim Mole the most unusual Notre Dame faculty member of all time? The inside scoop.

What is the connection between the 1964 movie The Pink Panther and the Winter Olympics? Winter Olympics, past and present.

Can you read Notre Dame Magazine safely while driving your car? Soon you will be able to listen to Notre Dame students reading articles from the current issue for a magazine podcast. Watch the home page for an announcement of when this is available.

After 9/11 are we any safer? After 9/11, are we any safer?.

Who played ND alumnus John Crowley ’92J.D. in the film Extraordinary Measures? Movie review: Extraordinary Measures.

What did Pope Benedict XVI say at the University of Regensberg that generated a worldwide uproar, and how was he misunderstood? Muslim-Christian relations.

What famous writer said, “Even today if I see a pen lying discarded on the ground I pick it up and take it home like an abandoned puppy”? ??? at Notre Dame.

Who is “the fat lady for whom one should shine one’s shoes”? Detachment, Buddy.

What 80-year-old pop cult phenom has emerged as the “hippest grandmother a college kid could want”? The ??? phenomenon.

Who said, “Don’t tell me there isn’t enough love in the world to care for all the unwanted babies”? ??? and abortion.