The case of the missing minute hand

Author: Matt Cashore '94

Photo by Matt Cashore '94


The long, snowy South Bend winter has taken its toll on residents and students alike, but the Basilica of the Sacred Heart had an unexpected casualty this week. A missing minute hand from the north clock was discovered by John Zack, the University sacristan, after he changed the Basilica clock for the switch to daylight saving time. Changing the time is done electronically, but when Zack went outside to double-check that the clock read correctly, he noticed the absent piece. He went searching and found a third of it sticking out of the snow. Like wrenching Excalibur from the stone, he pulled it out of the snow and is now making arrangements to have it re-installed. He doesn’t know what caused it to fall off, but in his words, “I think it shows just how bad the winter here has been.”


John Zack with the Basilica minute hand, photo by Matt Cashore '94