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Each time I read about Notre Dame’s extensive involvement in study-abroad programs I become more amazed. I had the good fortune to spend my junior year (1938-39) at the Universite de Dijon in France. At the time I was the only Domer studying abroad. Couldn’t help but smile at the cost of such programs today. My Dad shelled out almost $900 and that covered everything – two vessel crossings (no planes in those days), board, room, tuition, books, and side travel – some of it hitchhiking that was little known in France then. Fortunately, the exchange rate was very favorable for an American.

Enjoy Notre Dame Magazine and read each issue cover to cover except for the class notes where I only read Class of ’40 notes, courtesy of Bob Sanford. Keep up the good work!

Roch LePage
Wilton, CT

Richard V. Warner, CSC, Director of Campus Ministry, Notre Dame, provides a “non-apology” apology in your Summer 2000 edition.

The Director “apologizes” for the characterization of what he and his office have done. He does not apologize for what he has done.

Indeed, the Director has not refuted what Ed Cohen reported. The Director has not refuted that he and his office authored a card asking divine help to be more inclusive of gays and lesbians in the Notre Dame community; he has not refuted that the card expressed thankfulness for life’s diversities; he has not refuted a refrain that glorifies homosexuality; and he has not refuted that this card was the result of an initiative by the campus’ unrecognized gay and lesbian student group. The Director has refuted that he cleared the card with the Bishop, but then he has done so with a view to blaming Father Tom Doyle for that apparently incorrect statement to Mr. Cohen.

The Director should know the Roman Catholic Church’s position on homosexuality: it is an objectively disordered condition. (CCC2358) The Director should know that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued a letter to American bishops on July 23, 1992 which states that the homosexual condition is disordered and homosexual activity should not be condoned (p.10). Additionally, the letter states that as the homosexual inclination is itself intrinsically disordered, homosexual acts can “in no case…be approved of” (p.3). Homosexuality evokes moral concern. As such, homosexuality is not something that should be glorified even though the Catechism calls for homosexuals to be respected. But that call for respect is not a call to respect homosexual persons because they are homosexual.

The Director should also know that the Church calls homosexuals to Christian perfection. Any “outreach” to homosexuals should be in accord with the Church’s teachings and mandates. This cannot be accomplished by what the Director’s office has done – to “celebrate” homosexuality. Rather, homosexuals can be changed for the better with love and compassion but they must first know the truth. The Director should be working to make that happen if they truly cared about the homosexual students at Notre Dame. Instead, he only seems interested in misleading these students into thinking that their homosexuality and homosexual conduct is acceptable.

David A. Wemhoff
South Bend, IN

Re: pg. 37, Autumn 2000

One certainly hopes that Angela Wheelock’s relations didn’t bail alfalfa. Or that the county mounties in the Saginaw Valley were in the habit of arresting it, for that matter.


Hey, it happens to the best of us!

Geoff Parker
St. Joe, IN