Onward Christian Soldier Spring 2001


Fighting Right

by Malham Wakin ’52

Now that the rules of engagement have changed, who will make sure that the military will act in good conscience?

The Fighting Watchman

by Richard Mertens

In the Life of Fire

by James F. Walsh ’55, ’56M.A.

A seminarian turned machine-gunner sees his first action in the mountains of Korea and now, 50 years later, replays the attack that made him a killer.

God? Country? Notre Dame?

by John Monczunski

Left for Dead

by Mike Edwards ’89MSA, Doug Hemphill ’80M.A., Joe Russo

The Good Book

by Richard Shannon ’74

He knew that reading was necessary for them to save their lives. A drug dealer showed him which text offered them salvation.

The Third Age

by Walton Collinsn ’51

Passing into the twilight of life does not have to be the beginning of the end. But it does require some cheerful adaptation.