The New Samaritans Summer 2001

The New Samaritans cover


Look Homeward, Parents

by Ed Cohen

Want to blame the system or the teachers, inadequate funding or newfangled educational strategies? Better look again.

Catholic Schools: A place with spiritual moorings

by Sister Mary Brian Costello, RSM, ’57M.A.

That storybook season

by David Haugh

Notre Dame’s women write a new chapter in the University’s celebrated athletic tradition by reaching the summit of college basketball.

A swing at success for Tom Coyne

by Tom Coyne ’97, ’99MFA

The New Samaritans

What You Do For the Least of These Strangers…

by Walton R. Collins ’51

Blessed Are the Healers

by Mark Reynolds

The Chalkboard That Is East Timor

by David Devine ’94

Where Angels Dare to Tread

by Walton R. Collins ’51

Champion of the Dispossessed

by Ed Cohen

A Home for New Beginnings

by John Monczunski

The Not So Little Gift of Sight

by Richard J. Duffey. M.D., ’79

The Orphans of Premananda

by John Monczunski and Mary Elizabeth Calabrese Levins

There Are Children Here

by Carol Schaal ’91 M.A.

Their Own Amazing Grace

by Brendan Moore ’98

In Business to Help

by Calvin J. Cohen

‘You Just Wonder About God’s Call’

by Melinda Henneberger ’80

An Association Serious About Service

by John Monczunski

Gateway to Social Action

by Ed Cohen

Alumni Service profiles, web extra

by Sean O’Brien ’86