Americanos Nuevos Autumn 2004


Americanos Nuevos

by Roberto Suro

Latinos will dramatically change the United States forever. We need to make sure the transformation is good for everyone.
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Taking it to the Streets

by Cheever Griffin ’90

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Something Like His Father’s Grocery Store

by John Shaughnessy ’77

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A Theology of Immigration

by Dan Groody, CSC, ’86

Inserting a gospel vision into the conversation about rights, reasons and the socioeconomics of the Mexican border.
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Questions of Conscience

by Scott Appleby ’78

This presidential candidate, inspired by Catholic principles, offers a radical view of the common good. Would you vote for him?
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React Online—Read comments about ‘Questions of Conscience,’ the article on being a Catholic politician.

The Stage Is Set

by Ed Cohen

The Marie P. DeBartolo Center for the Performing Arts is about to raise the curtain on a new day in the cultural life of Notre Dame.
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A Stadium for the Arts

by Jim Collins

The new performing arts center helps show how important arts are to the University.
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Photographs of the Maria P. DeBartolo Center for the Performing Arts

by Matt Cashore’ 94

My Communion of Saints

by Michael Garvey ’74

Each of us has a personal ‘cloud of witnesses,’ idiosyncratically arranged and now always in precise alignment with those endorsed by the Vatican. Here’s what I mean.
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A Portrait of Dorothy Day

by Mia Nussbaum ’01

Chesterton wrote that saints are an antidote to the age. Day was such a pinprick and a balm.
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The Eye of the Needle: Katharine Drexel

by Anthony Walton ’82

Drexel overcame the shackles of wealth to serve the underprivileged. Today she is a most unlikely saint.
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(Cover photo by Santiago Flores)


Rear View Window to the World

by Robert Joe Stout

A Place That Was

by James Behrens

The Singing One

by Sue Marquette Poremba

A Child’s Garden of Versions

by Jessica Martine